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    two is the land auction, land area of 3693 square meters, the initial auction price set >
    we can to this event sequence of events as a simple reduction: the AIA illegal occupation of land caused by the construction area around drainage is poor, when it rains,piumini moncler donna, a lot of water,moncler milano, normal life and vital interests are threatened,moncler shop online, they have found Zhangting town government,burberry borse, Yuyao City Planning Bureau, Yuyao City Land Resources Bureau, Yuyao City Construction Bureau, that the other side is a named "Yuyao Youbang housing rental Co. Ltd." developers,piumini moncler outlet, down the land is 5.31 mu. They to the Planning Bureau took drawing a comparison, found each other's construction has scope over planning red line. Yuyao City Land Bureau after receiving our report after the investigation, our company actual land illegally occupied more than 500 square Zhangting town government sent, according to the Land Bureau verified the actual illegally occupied an area of 892 square! According to estimates, renovation of seven sets of villas in this piece of land, housing, profit in more than 10 million yuan, the huge economic interests stick out a mile. In fact, for the construction of the seven sets of villas in the so-called AIA, issued to the town government of ultra red line covers an area from the report, in the "notes", only Zhangting Town Village Construction Office official, and a "true, agreed to the block, North West of the collective land about 500 square meters to our company use" views, and did not sign, "this is not holding the village collec

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