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    the "Jiangxi Poyang Public Security Bureau deputy director ordered the killing of bin alarm dismissal" news recently on the Internet and spread, today (5 days) afternoon 6 when, the reporter learned from the latest progress in the Poyang County Public Security Bureau, "2, 29" incident, "the king ordered the Secretary killed alarm" side has not been removed, is suspended for review, the review conclusion will be announced to the public.
    it was released in April 16th this year, Poyang county Party committee, people's Procuratorate,moncler, Public Security Bureau of the facts of a case:
    this year at seven o'clock on the morning of February 29th, staff management office of Poyang Chen Zhenyi highway Jiangxi Jing Ying company came to Poyang County five one road police station, said someone to kill him. When the police on duty to see his spirit is not normal, have blood on their hands,moncler prezzi, and did not find someone to kill his signs, then phoned 120 emergency telephone,air jordan hommes, by 120 ambulance brought Chen Zhenyi to the emergency room of Poyang County People's hospital. About ten thirty, Chen Zhenyi ran out of the hospital, in the vegetable market robbed two knives, running in Raozhou Road,tn chaussure pas cher, in supermarkets and department stores Boyuan two floor, Chen Zhenyi dance of the sword, and kept flapping counter with a knife,louboutin soldes, manic mood. Police in Chen Zhenyi propaganda discourag
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    Hình như forum mình còn thiếu box phim hay sao ấy nhỉ ? mình tìm hoài ko thấy ta ?

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