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    Jieyang news said that in December 11th, the Qiao Bo to the "big overseas Chinese Affairs, big project, big development" as the theme, aims to deepen economic and trade cooperation, strengthen exchanges, show Chaoshan culture especially the Jieyang cultural charm, and further enhance the attractiveness of the investment in Jieyang and even the whole East Guangdong area.
    trendsetter online network said in its report,Louboutin femme pas cher, the overseas Chinese during the fair held at the same time, the second characteristics of Jieyang Culture Festival, activities in various forms, full of local color, such as Jieyang small plum opera excerpts,abercrombie and fitch, Jieyang Chao troupe, won the highest award the government award tide drama "," also remember, material cultural heritage and key cultural relics exhibition non Jieyang, Yangmei jade exhibition...... All-round display of Jieyang culture and Jieyang culture style, at home and abroad to display a characteristic of Jieyang, the charm of Jieyang, Jieyang vitality.
    The new agency, southern media such as
    Guangdong Province during the third Eastern overseas Chinese exposition and the second session of the Jieyang City Cultural Festival, overseas media gathered in south of the Five Ridges City, reported overseas Expo event, the achievements in the construction of Jieyang also received media attention, becomes the media to report highlights. in "Chinese overseas Chinese" news said,basket air jordan, in recent years, Jieyang city adhere to grasp the innovative structure promoting transformation, further expanding domestic demand expanding the market of foreign trade stability,<a href="

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