by the Anyang Municipal Public Security Bureau police to keep

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    our lady said, at present has not yet decided to accept a separate interview which media reporter,jordan pas cher, because make no exception to the media. At present, Henan Province Bureau of cultural relics in the last 27 days, 31 days, held a news conference
    at present,nike air max pas cher, known as "Anyang Cao Cao Tomb of China's archaeological history of the most significant discovery" since the beginning of this century,jordan femme pas cher, the No. one or two pit because the temperature is too low to stop construction, is expected to continue the construction will come after the spring festival. In addition, because of the application of the Chinese and foreign media interview is too many, the Henan Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau has not yet formally decided to accept any media interview,basket jordan femme, said the question sound is normal, all the statements above on press conference of 27 days and 31 days that will be.
    to Cao Cao's tomb reporters at the scene of many, usually most taxi drivers in Zhengzhou can not find the Cultural Relic Management Bureau of Henan Province,louboutin, the front gate,tn chaussure pas cher, recently reporter from the frequent, and have made an interview request. According to the briefing, Henan Province, in addition to 27 last month, 31, held two press conference, at present, has not yet formally accept any media interview.
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