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    reporter Kong Deqing reported: in accordance with the unified arrangements of the provincial, city and purifying the social cultural environment work has entered the stage of consolidating the achievements, the establishment of long-term mechanism. The morning of August 19th, the city held a meeting, reviewed the organization special action and focus remediation clean-up stage work, and on how to promote the social and cultural environment purifying work carried out mobilization and deployment. Standing Committee of the municipal Party committee, propaganda minister, civilized appoint standing vice director Liu Zhihong attended the meeting and made a speech. The municipal Party Committee Propaganda Department, the city civilization office, politics and Law Committee, propaganda, comprehensive management of social security office, the Education Bureau,moncler piumini, Public Security Bureau, bureau of culture, radio and Television Bureau, industrial and commercial bureau, municipal Party committee, the committee, purify the social cultural environment to take lead responsibility unit in charge of the leadership and Jinzhong Development Zone, the counties (city) Committee Propaganda part of tube side the minister, civilization office director attended the meeting.
    conference pointed out that,scarpe burberry, at present, the international, our surrounding environment is not safe; domestic,nike air max, social ideology, diversity, multi variable characteristics is more and more obvious, the spread of the Internet, the popularization of digital media, the trend is more prominent, puts forward a new challenge to our work. Therefore, we should further unify their thinking,<a href="http://www

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