forest economy&quot

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    National Forestry Bureau Forest Department inspector An Fengjie (middle) in Tongbai investigation "forest economy"
    Zhang Sen said: "medicine, health care function of orchids, has been certified by experts,hollister pas cher, is currently the state pharmaceutical administration departments for registration. A company in Beijing has reached intent and Tongbai County patio orchid breeding professional cooperatives, Tongbai county was agreed for orchid cultivation base, scale cultivation of wild orchids in Tongbai county will be the company recovered. Orchid is the national medical department registration, orchid flower, leaf, root is used as medicine and health products will."

    safety director of Tongbai County, praise, he said: "next year, the State Forestry Administration will increase the understory drug support, Tongbai wild orchid has both ornamental value, but also has medicinal value, Tongbai wild orchid is our target to support. You should be based on forest planting, the trees and understory orchid win-win, continue to maintain the ecological forest planted without pollution. Planting scale, realize the operation of the company, the company farmers planting pattern,christian louboutin outlet, promote the development of deep processing of orchid."

    an Jie Feng and Henan Province Forestry Bureau Lin Fa director Deng Jianqin (left), director, Nanyang research and development center of Tongbai County, wild orchid orchid Research Association Zhang Sen photo
    Chinese Garden Network October 28th news: in October 24th, the State For

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