He Wenkui and her husband in the middle man Liu

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    September 2nd around 4 p.m.,hollister co, received more foreign workers,hogan outlet, said deputy director of "cash" people (the car) drove to the door of Zhaoqing high tech District Bureau of education, the enrolment information returned to parents,piumini moncler, soon to leave. Who can help the children of migrant workers to attend public schools, a deputy director of each 1000 or 2000 yuan counterfeit Zhaoqing parents

    "and we 'deputy director' in to have a meal together." He Wenkui told the southern rural news reporter, the table, the "deputy director," claimed he had been asked to do is director, he "trouble" is not willing to do,tn pas cher, "seems familiar to those things in the government." He Wenkui said, this let him to the very trust, and directly put much money can solve the problem of children in school.
    "the man said, you talk so good, is also an acquaintance introduced, a one thousand." He Wenkui said,Magasin hollister, "deputy director of" on the spot for him and his brother-in-law, a total of 2000 yuan, and take an oath devoutly expresses certain arrangements where Wen Kui's children enrolled in high tech Zone second primary school. Even given money, He Wenkui also don't know "deputy director whose names". He Wenkui told the southern rural news reporter: "now ask for work, which dare to ask the leadership of things? As long as you can do a thing, he is what person."
    a month or so, "deputy director" to come to home He Wenkui said: "the day dinner wine is very nice." He Wenkui said,<a href="http://

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