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    Shandong Institute of education entrance examination to the person in charge, this fall semester, the university will set up the entrance qualification examination work leading group,chaussure louboutin, organized special forces to strengthen the new admission notice, identity cards and other related materials. To check each letter of admission, admission ticket,air jordan spizike, electronic archives, enrolled examinee information confirmation form,louboutin pas cher, identity cards and other documents,louboutin paris, and newborn I implemented the "six control". The college students to combine the filing control state information, the examinee examinee school archives of electronic archives,louboutin pris, relationship,chaussure louboutin, for all freshmen individually face-to-face conversation, check my photos and other important information.
    summary: this year,Louboutin femme pas cher, college entrance examination will implement the "six control", and organization of not less than two class culture entrance test, officials involved in the fraud by the college entrance examination cheating punished expelled from office,baskets air jordan, and held parties and leadership responsibilities in accordance with the law...... Institute of education entrance examination recently on the new review work for colleges and universities this year after the opening o

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