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    catch enterprises, promote the transformation of industrial structure adjustment, promoting a new effect of
    2011 years, the implementation of the national,baskets air jordan, provincial, city, various scientific and technological projects more than 190; the new national 5 high-tech enterprises; new 18 level private technology enterprises; the new province, municipal engineering and technology research and development center, 17; project award of science and Technology Progress Award 38.
    to develop high and new technology industry. One is to continue to cultivate high-tech enterprises to carry out work to identify. Actively guide the enterprises to establish R & D platform, continue to increase investment in science and technology, talent introduction and development of high-tech products, to further improve the innovation ability of enterprises, gradually grow into high-tech enterprises. In 2011, the city a total of Guangdong Bo Zhou Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd. 5 companies were identified as high-tech enterprises China,jordan basket, Guangdong West biological Polytron Technologies Inc was identified as a key high-tech enterprise of national torch plan. Two is to accelerate the development of Guangdong Province,Chaussure Louboutin, Jieyang high tech zone. Implement the provincial Party committee, the provincial government put forward "to high tech park as' upgrade 'strategic breakthrough and important grasper" spirit, to create a favorable environment for innovation and high tech Zone, and strive to build into the city of Jieyang high tech Zone Innovation and development of high and new technology industry demonstration base, leading the city's leap forward development of economy. Three are actively cultivate high-tech products. The declaration of provincial high-tech pro

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