in a natural year fourth and above hospital

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    Report from our correspondent (reporter Zhang Wei) May 1st,air jordan enfant, Xi'an city will adjust the urban workers and staff medical insurance treatment, cut the insurants fund Qifubiaozhun in-patient hospitalization expenses,piumino moncler, reduce the individual payment ratio, the medical fee, on-the-job worker individual payment ratio ranging from 6% to 15%. At the same time,nike air max, the leukemia and other 5 kinds of common chronic diseases into the enjoyment of outpatient treatment policy for chronic disease.
    yesterday,Abercrombie sale, the news from the Xi'an city human resources and Social Security Bureau, in addition to cut the insurants fund Qifubiaozhun hospital,air jordan spizike, in a natural year fourth and above hospital,moncler outlet milano, no longer set the minimum.
    to reduce the hospitalization expenses of individual payment ratio, the insured workers in the designated medical institutions for hospitalization expenses individual payment ratio adjustment: Qifubiaozhun above to 10000 yuan, the staff at level three, level two,nike air max sale, level hospitals and community health service centers' hospitalization expenses, individual payment ratio 15%, 12%,nike air Jordan, 10% and 8% (community health service centers single hospital medical expenses should be controlled in 10000 yuan); more than 10000 yuan to fund the highest pay limitation: employees in three grade, two grade and the level of hospital hospitalization expenses individual payment ratio were 11%, 8% and 6%; retired (voca

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