in the Turpan Desert Botanical Garden

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    in the Turpan Desert Botanical Garden, the temperature reached 45 degrees Celsius, the players is the first time in such a high temperature environment, feel very hot, a lot of people soaked in sweat. In addition to the high temperature, the players also accident desert tornado, dust storms and storm, some classmates clothes are blown away by the wind, but fully prepared, we ultimately misses. While the desert storm, let the players feed one's sight on,abercrombie and fitch, the original desert will rain, the sky after the rain will rainbow. Team members Hou Zhicong said, the training camp in Xinjiang, everyone is through a number of field research, learn the knowledge of the successful completion of the training mission. For example, camping in the desert strong liquidity,chaussures jordan, usually choose the dunes windward and leeward slope than; camping site stay away from the trees a place, to prevent the insect attack. In addition,magasin hollister, can not act alone in the desert, and to the rope with all people, although the trouble, but to the greatest extent to ensure safety, and this experience will also apply to the antarctic.
    when everyone in Turpan Desert Botanical Garden shouted,Chaussure Louboutin, "can't stand the heat", they learned that researchers there at such high temperature environment repeated dull and tedious work, immediately felt a hot not what. The expedition member Luo Lifang said, desert botanical garden and the observatory of scientists in weather conditions, day in and day out into the outsider science boring some, not only have a scientific spirit persevere, can stand the loneliness, but also to endure the harsh environment of the test,

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