is not good may be because laborer tide is the future

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    Spring Festival labor market some &quot,moncler uomo;cold"

    the newspaper news (reporter Li Wenyong) 26,woolrich outlet shop, reporters from the Xiaogan city labor market to understand,camicie burberry, after the Spring Festival, labor market relatively desolate scene.
    according to the municipal labor market a staff briefing, the Spring Festival since the market work,woolrich donna, daily to applicants who had fewer than 20 people, "business" is not good may be because laborer tide is the future, estimated that after a few days people will slowly up. City agencies responsible person, now it is more difficult,giubbotti moncler outle, especially skilled workers. According to their analysis, job seekers to high treatment psychological expectations and have lower occupation skill contradictions,burberry neonato, is an important cause of the current situation.
    in a job at a job, man watch published in various positions on the wall, the staff asked him what to look for work, what to have outstanding skills, he said no what skills,nike air max 90 sale, what what live as wages. The agency responsible person told the reporter, this attitude is very common in the job of migrant workers,nike air max, many migrant workers to 1000 yuan monthly salary fundamental disdain, but only the physical hard earned higher wages than this. The market down, reporter discovery, wages of ordin

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