married with a woman.

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    at noon on June 4th, Ms. Lee to thirteenth Hospital of Wuhan City in Caidian for treatment of wound, the left ankle joint six stitches. According to introduction, A followed Ms. Lee came to the hospital, but she found a chance to run away.
    Ms. Lee told reporters, himself these scars are her husband A. A is Cai Dianren, they are the primary school students in 1996, when she was 18 years old and the age of the A date. Two years later, A for the crime of intentional injury,jordan pas cher homme, was sentenced to 12 years in prison. A in jail,jordan femme, Ms. Lee also talked about an object,nike air max 1 sale, married in 2000 December, married with a woman.
    A cannot find Ms. Li, give her brother pressure. Ms. Lee,piumini woolrich outlet, wandering outside were forced to meet in Nanjing with A. In June 4th,cheap nike air max, back to the Han, the left lateral ankle Ms. Lee is A with a knife cut a mouth, she called the police at the time.
    Ms. Lee said, she and ex husband did, to her daughter's education, other men for normal communication. A explained to her not letter, easily beaten, but under Ms. Lee in May 26th this year to run away from home.
    unhappy marriage
    this, Ms. Lee because of injury did not flee, hide in the Wuhan relatives. June 16th afternoon, Ms. Lee to the hospital to dismantle the wound suture, A suddenly appeared,spaccio moncler, forced to Ms. Lee home "".
    Ms. Lee told repor

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