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    back to the urban area of Ningbo, the reporter took the two tree "suspected of Taxus chinensis var.mairei leaves" old photos to the experts I plant Lin Hailun view,air jordan, the hope that he could identify the two trees are Torreya >
    China Garden Network November 7th news: many people are fond of Torreya grandis, indeed, in Ningbo, not only the artificial cultivation of Torreya grandis more, even hundreds of years of wild trees there are many. However, few people know, Torreya grandis and a Taxus "relatives", although they all belong to the Taxaceae, but rare and endangered degree of the latter is far higher than the former,Sweat hollister, was classified as a national key protected wild plants.
    64 year old Wu Kunqian is a registered Fenghua practicing pharmacists. After retirement, he took to the mountains of Ningbo medicinal plants and animals, every two or three days into the mountains run, specifically looking for, taking Chinese herbal medicine and rare plants, has captured hundreds of medicinal plants and animals. Old Wu said, when he was two years ago into the mountains, I feel two tree "Torreya grandis" Xu Jia Shan Cun is a bit strange,hollister co, doubt not torreya. Last week,moncler sito ufficiale, he again into the mountains to carefully examine the two trees, the more convinced that they should actually be of Taxus chinensis var. mairei.
    then,hogan uomo, through the village, got halfway up the hill, the reporter also saw another equally labeled "Torreya grandis" trees, its number is "in the old B0250". During the filming of the branches and leaves of th
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