parking phenomenon.

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    in the urban area of Jin Xin Lu, red scarf Road, Changping road etc., can see the street merchant or flowerpot or stone placed in front of the stop line, so,pull hollister, some preparation to park cars to see "the front is blocked" can't "parking". In this regard, use such roadblocks "occupying" merchant also called,louboutin paris, "do not do it? The car blocking the door,Chaussures Louboutin homme pas cher, can do business?"
    free parking is all kinds of "barriers&quot,air jordan; occupation,Louboutin pas cher femme. ▲ cast in free parking on the "permanent barricade".
    &nbsp,Louboutin homme pas cher; reporter &nbsp,piumini moncler; the sea Lin Peng &nbsp,Louboutin chaussures; photographic coverage of
    visit, the reporter found that the relevant departments to increase the occupying road clean-up efforts, so some businesses also use plastic chairs placed in the parking place "occupying". In the Jin Mei Jie,Louboutin femme pas cher, some Street merchants even special laying slope higher height,piumini moncler, from the sidewalk to street parking spaces, thus, to parking owners worry about automobile ch

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