Hà Nội Premium polyester sealed border wipers TX1012

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    Alpha® 10 Wipers
    Premium polyester sealed-border wipers

    - Alpha® 10 represents the state of the art in wiper technology and provides maximum performance in critical cleanroom environments.
    - ITW Texwipe’s patented* sealed-border technology produces four fully sealed borders to prevent the release of fibers and particles. The fabric is a no-run interlock, double-knit from 100% continuous- filament polyester.
    - Alpha® 10 wipers are also available pre-wetted in CleanPaks®. It combines the Alpha® 10 wipers with semiconductor-grade isopropyl alcohol in convenient, resealable dispenser bags.

    - Excellent balance of wiping efficiency, abrasion resistance and absorbency
    - Fully sealed border to prevent fiber release
    - 100% continuous-filament, double-knit polyester
    - Solvent-safe Bag-Within-A-Bag® cleanroom packaging

    - Assures cleanliness with ultralow levels of ions and extractables
    - Resists abrasion under rigorous use or when wiping rough surfaces
    - Helps prevent product and cleanroom contamination by minimizing fiber and particle release
    - Complete traceability of each bag

    - Designed for use in Class 1–100 cleanroom environments
    - Ideal for wiping interior of process tools and other equipment
    - Superior for general wiping in environments where contamination control is of paramount importance
    - The best wiper for multiple applications


    ITW Texwipe is the only wiper company to be ISO 9001:2000, 13485:2003, 14001:2004 and OHSAS 18001:1999 registered.

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    Hà Thanh Tuấn ( Mr )

    Công ty TNHH Semeco Việt Nam ( Đại diện hãng Texwipe tại Việt Nam )

    Tel : 0948 620 689
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