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    The newspaper news (reporter Zhu Na Intern Ma Zhao Zhang Lu) if you go out, most do not trust may be home security. Sponsored by the Provincial Public Security Bureau yesterday in the "social public security products and police anti-terrorism Technology Exposition", show the new family "security" equipment, the "security" equipment can solve your any menace from the "rear".
    automatic tracking suspects captured a moment
    Pavilion in the "alarm automatic tracking system" in our province is an institute in Baoji developed. The reporter saw the presentation, assume that a residential installation "alarm automatic tracking system",borse burberry prezzi, set a goal of 80 residential households,piumino moncler, once someone touches the window frames a household,spaccio moncler, "alarm automatic tracking system" will lock the target for 5 seconds, and quickly captured the suspect's head, while the information passed to the the public security organs through the network. According to introduction,piumini moncler uomo, the previous residential burglary case, the public security organs most headache is not the person for. If the installation "alarm automatic tracking system",cheap nike air max, the system took portrait, will help the police caught the suspect in the fastest time. The reporter understands,hogan outlet online, at present,hollister, this set of equipment in Baoji in our province a residential is trial operation. The Provincial Public Security Bureau said, if the anti-theft effect is go

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