Sofitel Saigon Plaza Tuyển NV LÀM PHÒNG - Room Attendant

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    Sofitel Saigon Plaza is located on peaceful tree-lined Le Duan Boulevard just a moment from the city commercial centre with its fabulous shopping dining and landmark attractions like Notre Dame Cathedral and Reunification Palace. Newly renovated rooms and suites offer guests contemporary 5-star hotel style with a blend of modern French design and Vietnamese influences. Each room features spacious elegance while the Imperial Suite is the largest in Saigon. Situated in the business district ...
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    Chi tiết công việc
    Chức danh : Tuyển NV LÀM PHÒNG - Room Attendant
    Nội dung tuyển dụng :
    - Be responsible for the daily cleaning or guest rooms and adjacent facilities.

    - Provides good quality of service by ensuring complete cleanliness and hygiene of guest room and bathrooms

    - Ensures complete cleanliness of 14 guestrooms per day.

    - Vacuums corridor carpet; clean the decoration vase, column, and ash-tray.

    - Cleans corridor windows.

    - Cleans and arrange pantries.

    - Cleans the trolley and set up linen, amenity.

    - Complies with rules regarding hygiene and cleanliness and the safety of guests' belongings; ensure the upkeep of cleaning equipment.

    Vị trí khác cần tuyển:

    - A/C Technician (Nhân Viên Điện Lạnh)
    - NV LÀM PHÒNG - Room Attendant
    - NỮ NHÂN VIÊN PHỤC VỤ - Room Service Waitress
    - NV LỄ TÂN - Receptionist
    - NẤU BẾP ( ÂU LẠNH )
    - NẤU BẾP ( ÂU NÓNG)
    - Concierge - Nhân viên quầy thông tin
    - NV TRỰC HỒ BƠI - Swimming Pool Attendant
    - WAITRESS - NV Nữ phục vụ
    - WAITER - CAFE RIVOLI (NV Nam phục vụ)

    Thông tin chi tiết & Nộp hồ sơ: hoteljob. vn/Home/Gian-hang/default/607/trang-chu.aspx


    Tuyển Sales Corp: hoteljob. vn/Home/Ho-so/Ho-so-chi-tiet/4414/49438/Sales-Corp-.aspx

    Những hòn đảo lý tưởng nhất để du lịch năm 2015: vitradi. com/vn/nhung-hon-dao-ly-tuong-nhat-de-du-lich-nam-2015

    Tuyển Kỹ sư bóc tách khối lượng: ntrank. com/viec-lam/cong-ty-co-phan-avia-tuyen-dung-ky-su-boc-tach-khoi-luong-tai-ha-noi-555bee3eeef4963

    Mẫu người năng động:hopdongtinhyeu. com/article/56/nguoi-nang-dong

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