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the European Central Bank

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    China foreign exchange trading center data display, yesterday, RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar at 6.1735,abercrombie and fitch, up 71 basis points compared with the previous trading day, compared to recent highs last Friday for the first time exceeded 6.18 mark after rising 61 basis points.
    Chinese Academy of the Institute researcher Zhang Bin think, the RMB exchange rate against the U.S. dollar higher is mainly caused by the arbitrage capital boost. In the European debt crisis gradually subsided and multinational QE policy background, domestic and foreign exchange and interest rate differentials exist,Chaussure Louboutin, the renminbi relative foreign currency attractiveness increased again, arbitrage funds large-scale influx. Such as foreign investment enterprises through the new overseas yen loan or extension of past yen loans, while increasing the RMB deposit, will be profitable.
    "basic central bank intends to maintain strong currency, in order to avoid the short term appreciation of the renminbi is expected to reverse, causing massive withdrawal of international arbitrage capital." Everbright Securities senior analyst Zhong Zhengsheng think. "Keep the yuan basically stable,abercrombie paris, at least not to devalue the RMB should be established strategy of foreign exchange management departments in China." China Merchants Bank financial market department senior analyst Liu Dongliang think, as long as there is no situation in 2008 the international financial crisis and the European debt crisis like that,hollister pas cher, the RMB exchange rate should be maintained to the appreciation of the situation.
    U.S. dollar

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