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    The Yang Lingxun (Jiang Shuiqing Li Qiaoyun reporter Zhang Hua) wandering in almost seven months, seven, at noon on November 26th, 21 year old George at the Yangling bus station deputy stationmaster Wang Yongjun and staff's help to return home and family reunion.
    yesterday morning, the reporter received a hotline call, Yangling bus station there is a small youth because I didn't have any money,giubbotti moncler outle, also can not remember the family to go home. Reporter then rushed to the bus station in Yangling. When the reporter saw the young man, he has been silent, lower the head to eat the station staff to buy Biscuits and bread,hogan outlet, seems to have not eaten anything for several days. Subsequently, talking to reporters,spaccio moncler, the man gradually eliminates the reporter alert psychological,piumino moncler, tell something unusual for seven months the reporter to experience.
    he called Li Yangyang (alias),abercrombie hollister pas cher, this year 21 years old. At the end of the 4 year, Yangyang and father of the bickering, subsequently,moncler uomo, Yangyang took $50 in cash only run away. From Xianyang to Baoji, sit on the train to lianyungang. In Lianyungang,piumini moncler uomo, in his words,moncler sito ufficiale, "climbed all the way to Beijing". In Beijing, a bumpy road, found a hotel, he started his four months of service life. Finally to Yangling, had spent all her money.
    November 26th at around 9 a.m., Yangling bus station tick

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