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    all media reporter Sun Yinfeng reported
    Zibo Morning News hearing today, May 25th,air jordan femme, Shandong Anhui Zibo oil pipeline segment is accidentally Waduan, resulting in some diesel leak, causing great loss, and the emergence of security risks. The reporter investigates discovery, many enterprises in the mining construction operation time, no management to underground pipeline Department filing, often do not know the direction,hollister pas cher, underground pipeline buried depth of the basic elements, and thus often occur underground pipeline is destroyed,cappotto burberry, it also exposes the short board the management of underground space. In addition, the reporter understands,orologi burberry, at present Zibo city has underground pipeline management authority departments more than 12 act of one's own free will, mutual lack of coordination pattern in a bit of a mess for underground space "". If not as soon as possible to fundamentally improve the underground space management, I am afraid that the accident is still difficult to avoid.
    today,chaussure air Jordan, Zibo Luwan pipeline Waduan message, once again aroused social concern for the "underground space". The reporter investigates discovery,hogan rebel, the recent period of time because the construction Waduan underground pipeline is no longer a fortuitous event. Careful analysis is not difficult to find, the pipeline was Waduan events of the protagonist,moncler outlet online, is often not the pipeline units of ownership, "fire" is the leading reason for

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