Toàn Quốc What are the refractory castables used for ?

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    What are the Refractory Castables?
    The refractory castables are used as the lining of the calcining furnace or the thermal reactor in industry and construction.
    The refractory castables can bear the heat 1500 Celsius. This kind of concrete is stronger than iron. Besides, refractory concrete have the abrasion resistance and the cracking resistance.
    Refractory castables not only prevent the materials at high temparature but also actuate the reaction in furnace and minimize the loss of materials. Therefore, the productivity will increase and the cost will decrease.
    The applications of refractory castables are very various such as refractory bricks, refractory plates, refractory block concrete and so on.
    What are the refractory castables made of ?
    The refractory castables are made of refractory concrete, gypsum or cement (with the higher content of Al2O3 and the lower content of CaO than usual cement). Other additives help to reduce the rate of water and increase the strength of concrete.
    What are the refractory castables used for ?

    As mentioned before, there are many kinds of refractory materials with different uses in industry and construction.
    There are two following types :
    • Finished refractory products : refractory bricks, refractory plates, temperature-resistant bricks and roofs
    • Raw materials are used as the adhesives such as refractory cement or refractory concrete.

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