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Want to monitor and track your WordPress website activity? Find out exactly who does what on your WordPress website. the Activity Log plugin is like an airplane’s black box that logs every activity in WordPress admin, and lets you see exactly what users are doing on your WordPress website.
Chẳng hạn, nếu ai đó đang tấn công trang web.
Hoặc, khi bài viết được đăng, và ai đăng.
Or, if a plugin/theme was activated/deactivated.
Log suspicious admin activity.
Securing your site by tracking log of all user activity?
Useful, right? Trust us, you won’t understand how you managed your website without it. The plugin is also lightning fast and works behind the scenes, so it doesn’t affect site and admin performance. For optimal performance, we built the plugin so it runs on a separate table in the database.
If you have tens of users or more, you really can’t know who did what. This plugin tries to solve this issue by tracking what users do, and displaying it in an easy to use and easy to filter view on the dashboard of your WordPress site.
Export to CSV Export your Activity Log data records to CSV. Developers can easily add support for custom data formats with our new dedicated Export API.
Data Privacy and GDPR Compliance We provide the tools to help you be GDPR compliant, including Export/Erasure of data via the WordPress Privacy Tools.
WordPress – Core Updates
Posts – Created, Updated, Deleted
Pages – Created, Updated, Deleted
Custom Post Type – Created, Updated, Deleted
Tags – Created, Edited, Deleted
Categories – Created, Edited, Deleted
Taxonomies – Created, Edited, Deleted
Comments – Created, Approved, Unproved, Trashed, Untrashed, Spammed, Unspammed, Deleted
Media – Uploaded, Edited, Deleted
Users – Login, Logout, Login has failed, Update profile, Registered and Deleted
Plugins – Installed, Updated, Activated, Deactivated, Changed
Themes – Installed, Updated, Deleted, Activated, Changed (Editor and Customizer)
Widgets – Added to a sidebar / Deleted from a sidebar, Order widgets
Menus – A menu is being Created, Updated, Deleted
Setting – General, Writing, Reading, Discussion, Media, Permalinks
Options – Can be extend by east filter
Export – User download export file from the site
WooCommerce – Monitor all shop settings and options
bbPress – Forums, Topics, Replies, Taxonomies and other actions
There’s more, but you get the point…
“Best 10 Free WordPress Plugins of the Month – July 2014: Keeping tabs on what your users do with their access to the Dashboard” –
“Thanks to this step, we’ve discovered that our site was undergoing a brute force attack” –
“Optimized code – The plugin itself is blazing fast and leaves almost no footprint on the server.” –
“The plugin successful for activity log for WordPress.” –
“This is a pretty simple yet quite effective plugin for keeping track of what your admins and users do on your sites.” –
“Activity Log lets you track a huge range of activities. Overall, very easy to use and setup.” –
German (de_DE) – Robert Harm
Dutch (nl_NL) – Tom Aalbers
Serbo-Croatian (sr_RS) – Borisa Djuraskovic
Danish (da_DK) – Morten Dalgaard Johansen
Hebrew (he_IL) + RTL Support –
Armenia (hy_AM) – Hayk Jomardyan
Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) – Criação de Sites
Turkish (tr_TR) – Ahmet Kolcu
Persian (fa_IR) – Promising
Russian (ru_RU) – Oleg Reznikov
Polish (pl_PL) – Maciej Gryniuk
Czech (cs_CZ) – Martin Kokeš
Finnish (fi) – Nazq
The plugin does not require any kind of setup. It works out of the box (and that’s another reason people love it).
We’re planning to add a lot more features in the upcoming releases. If you think we’re missing something big time, please post your suggestions in the plugin’s forum.
Would you like to like to contribute to Activity Log? You are more than welcome to submit your pull requests on the GitHub repo. Also, if you have any notes about the code, please open a ticket on the issue tracker.

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