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The legendary WPQuads Ads plugin is back with the modern approach for an Ads solution. WP QUADS is coded well with no overhead and is used on huge websites with millions of monthly page impressions.
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WPQuads is the most feature rich & Advanced Ad Inserter & Adsense solution built for WordPress.
NEW – Web Stories Integration: Advertise in AMP Web Stories.
NEW – Click Fraud Protection: Helps you fight the click fraud and helps you stabilize the ad revenue.
NEW – GDPR & Privacy tools: We have got the GDPR and other privacy tools planned so that you dont have to worry about complying with privacy laws.
Easy to use Modern options panel built on React JS.
Deeply integrates with AMP plugins like AMPforWP, Official AMP by Google.
Google Adsense support: It gives a deep integration with the ad types of Google Adsense like Display ads, In-feed ads, In-article ads & Auto ads. You can define fixed or responsive sizes for the ads.
Google AD Manager, formerly Double Click for Publishers (DFP) support.
8 Ad vendors support and 20 more on the development roadmap
12 Ads positions that helps you control where the ad will appear.
10 Post Specific Ads Control: 10 Conditional Ad visibility positions which allows you to control (include/exclude) on which pages would you like the ads to appear.
9 Targeting conditions which will allow you to control when an ad should appear.
Custom Image banner support
Custom html Code support with auto AMP Sanitization
Background ad (Full website background ad)
Group multiple ads into one and rotate them Randomly
ads.txt support
Lazy Loading for Adsense ads
Revenue Sharing Support
Propeller Ads Support
WPML Support – Show different ads as per language
Responsive ads
Ad Blocker support: It’s the most advanced ad blocker which allows you to add the notice in 4 types. Bar, Popup, Page Redirection & Block Message. You can choose if you want to show only once or on every visit.
Unlimited Ads – Add an unlimited amount of ads to your website.
Layout options to help you control Alignment & Margin of the ads.
Ad Label support: You can add your custom label, you can even choose to display it above or below the ad.
One-click duplicate ads with the same configuration
Ajax based search to help you quickly find the ads
Sidebar Widgets to ads unlimited widget ads in the sidebar
High Performance – Developed well to keep the speed of your site. It loads only the code it needs at the moment of execution, making it small and fast and with a lot of hooks easy extensible by third party developers.
Serialized storing of Ad options instead storing every single option as separate table entry all over
Multi language support
Remove of small coding issues like “unexpected output” message when plugin is activated on several sites
Import / Export function makes plugin migrating to other sites easier. Copy your ads code to other sites.
Caching Power – Supports WP Rocket, W3 Total and any other Caching plugin.
With WPQUADS PRO you can add as many ads as you like to your WordPress website. There are no limitations.
Get access to more professional Settings, options and positions to really push your ads to the next level.
* New – AD Blindness : Helps you fight the Ad blindness.
* New – Skip Ad : Helps you to make ads Skippable.
* New – AD Logging : Gives you an almost accurate data page, IP, browser, referrer, and dimensions of the user that clicked the ad and gives you reports of that data.
* Group Insertion
* Ad rotator
* Reports & Tracking : Find out which of your ads are performing the best and find out the most performing ad location.
* Geo Targeting : Target the ads based on the city and countries.
Google Adsense
Google AD Manager, formerly Double Click for Publishers (DFP)
Yandex Direct Ads support
MGID Ads Support
Taboola Ads support ads Support
MediaVine Ads support
Outbrain Ads support
Infolinks Ads support
20+ more ad vendors coming in the future updates.
Beginning of Post
Middle of Post
End of the Post
After Paragraph: You can choose after which paragraph you want to display the ad. You can even choose to display an ad after every X number of paragraph.
Right after the tag
Right before the last Paragraph
After Image: You can choose after which image you want to display the ad.
By Word Count
After the Percentage
Ad After HTML Tag: You can choose between these tags p, img, h1 – h6 & even custom html tag. You can even choose to display after x number of that specific tag.
Ads Inbetween Loop: You can choose after which post do you want to display the ad and even display after every x number of posts.
Shortcode & PHP tag placement
More display positions are coming in the future updates
Post types
Post: specific one post or multiple posts
Logged-in User Roles Type
Post Category: specific one category or multiple categories
Post Tag: specific one tag or multiple tags
Post Formats
Page: specific one page or multiple pages
Taxonomy Terms
Page Templates
Device Type
Browser Language
Logged In
User Agent
User Role
URL Parameter
Referrer URL Path
Browser Width
We are actively developing this plugin and our aim is to make this plugin into the #1 advertisment solution in the world. You can Request a Feature or Report a Bug. The code is hosted on Github.
A/B Testing: Find out which ads perform the most and how you can improve the ad revenue further.
3rd Party compatibility: Deep integration with BuddyPress, BuddyBoss, bbPress, Paid Membership Pro, WPML, Mailpoet, Multisite, WooCommerce and More.
Innovation & Disruption: We are constantly evolving our product and going to introduce new features which are not being used by anyone in the world.
View Full Development Roadmap
Pro version supports additional advanced features:
JOIN CHAT GROUP COMMUNITY: Purpose of this group is to get proper suggestions and feedback from plugin users and the community so that we can make the plugin even better.
Documentation & Tutorials are available on Documentation Center.
Support is provided in Forum. You can also Contact us, our turn around time on email is around 12 hours.
This plugin does not do any revenue sharing with your Google AdSense ads. We never show our on ads ads on your website.
We are an active and dedicated member of the WordPress community and we are following strictly the WordPress Codex in terms of code quality and good behave.

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Ads by WPQuadsAds by WPQUADS – Best Ads & Adsense Ads Plugin for WP & AMP Pro – Premium free có key full crack Dịch vụ SEO TVD SEO

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