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WooCommerce AJAX Product Filters – Advanced product filtering ability for your WooCommerce shop. Add unlimited filters with one widget.
New styles for filters: Checkbox, Select, Slider, Color, Image
New slider styles
New buttons styles
Selected filters area horizontal styles
Single selection for check
Select and Select2 can be displayed on same time
Collapse widget option with different settings
Less JavaScript and HTML code for same result.
More compatibility with themes and plugins
Better compatibility with Divi Builder, Beaver Builder, Elementor Builder
Relevanssi compatibility
More ways to customize filters and add additional functionality
Option to set how hierarchical attribute must be displayed
Separate admin title and frontend title
Back button in browser on AJAX
All JavaScript in one minified file
All CSS Styles in one minified file
Checked style for image element style
AJAX Filters, Pagination and Sorting!
Filter by Price
Filter by Product Category
Filter by Attribute
Unlimited Filters
Multiple User Interface Elements
Great support for custom/premium themes
SEO Friendly Urls ( with HTML5 PushState )
Filter Visibility By Product Category And Globals.
Accessible through shortcode
Filter box height limit with scroll themes
Working great with custom widget area
Drag and Drop Filter Building
Select2 for dropdown menu
And More…
Filter by Custom Taxonomy, Price ranges, Sale status, Sub-categories, Date and Availability( in stock | out of stock | any )
Nice URLs for SEO Friendly URLs
Slider can use strings as a value
Price as checkbox with min and max values
Enhancements of the free features
Show amount of products before update with “Update button” widget
Search box widget
Cache for Widgets
Display only selected attribute values or hide selected attribute values
Paid Plugin
Demo Description
Admin Demo – Get access to this plugin’s admin and try it from inside. Change things and watch how they work.

we don’t have video with free plugin right now but we are working on it
Advanced AJAX Product Filters has been tested and compatibility is certain with the following WooCommerce plugins that you can add to your site:
Advanced Product Labels for WooCommerce
Load More Products for WooCommerce
Brands for WooCommerce
Grid/List View for WooCommerce
Product Preview for WooCommerce
Products Compare for WooCommerce
Wishlist and Waitlist for WooCommerce
In editor [br_filters attribute=price type=slider title=”Price Filter”] In PHP do_shortcode(‘[br_filters attribute=price type=slider title=”Price Filter”]’);
attribute(required) – product attribute, eg price or length. Don’t forget that woocommerce adding pa_ suffix for created attributes.
So if you create new attribute jump its name is pa_jump
type(required) – checkbox, radio, slider or select
operator – OR or AND
title – whatever you want to see as title. Can be empty
product_cat – parent category id
cat_propagation – should we propagate this filter to child categories? set 1 to turn this on
height – max filter box height. When height is met scroll will be added
scroll_theme – pretty clear name, scroll theme. Will be used if height is set and real height of box is more
Product Category – if you want to pin your filter to category of the product this is good place to do it.
Eg. You selling Phones and Cases for them. If user choose Category “Phones” filter “Have Wi-Fi” will appear
but if user will choose “Cases” it will not be there as Admin set that “Have Wi-Fi” filter will be visible only on
“Phones” category.
Filter Box Height – if your filter have too much options it is nice to limit height of the filter to not prolong
the page too much. Scroll will appear.
Scroll theme – if “Filter Box Height” is set and box length is more than “Filter Box Height” scroll appear and
how it looks depends on the theme you choose.
Plugin settings can be found in admin area, WooCommerce -> Product Filters
“No Products” message – Text that will be shown if no products found
“No Products” class – Add class and use it to style “No Products” box
Products selector – Selector for tag that is holding products
Sorting control – Take control over WooCommerce’s sorting selectbox
SEO friendly urls – url will be changed when filter is selected/changed
Turn all filters off – If you want to hide filters without losing current configuration just turn them off

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