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Make galleries in WordPress great again with FooGallery! Add a stunning gallery to your website in under 1 minute using our beautiful pre-built templates, or if you want more control, then take advantage of all our advanced settings to customsize your galleries to look exactly the way you want.
FooGallery is an easy-to-use image gallery plugin, with stunning pre-built gallery layouts and a focus on performance and SEO.
It is also responsive, retina-ready and supports lazy loading for lightning fast photo galleries.
Live previews are available while creating an image gallery, and also within the Gutenberg block editor with our FooGallery Block.
FooGallery was built to be highly configurable and extendable for developers or freelancers.
That is why we think FooGallery is the best WordPress gallery plugin. After using it, we hope you will agree.
Visit the FooGallery Homepage
A faster gallery now means a more favourable ranking in Google!
FooGallery has been specifically optimized to score better for Google’s Core Web Vitals update in 2021.
We have focused on the speed of our javascript code, and also improved the visual stability of all gallery layouts.
This has led to dramatically better scores for the 3 key lighthouse factors including:
Largest Contentful Paint – galleries load and appear quicker for your visitors
First Input Delay – you can interact with the gallery sooner
Cumulative Layout Shift – gallery images shift around a lot less than before!
The following free features make FooGallery the best gallery plugin on the market!
6 Beautiful Image Gallery templates
Responsive Image Gallery – demo
Image Viewer Gallery – demo
Masonry Gallery – demo
Simple Portfolio – demo
Justified Gallery – demo
Single Thumbnail Gallery – demo
Easy to customize!
Adjust thumbnail size, spacing & alignment
Adjust border size, rounded corners, drop shadows, inner shadows
Choose from a selection of loading icons
Animated loaded effects – demo
Awesome hover effects – adjust colors, scaling and icons
Complete control over captions
Focus on Performance
Lazy Loading options
Simple pagination demo
Optimized code
Reduced content layout shift
Focus on SEO
ALT and title attributes on all images
Yoast SEO sitemap integration
Rank Math SEO sitemap integration
AIOSEO sitemap integration
Albums built-in! (just activate the albums extension)
Responsive album layout – demo
All-in-one Stack album – demo
Gutenberg ready (Gallery previews inside the new editor!)
Live previews as you make changes!
Retina thumbnail support
Gallery Widget
Use built-in media library to manage images
Drag n Drop reordering of images and galleries
Custom CSS for both galleries and albums
Copy to clipboard shortcodes
One-click gallery page creation
NextGen importer tool (albums and galleries and shortcodes)
Multisite Support
There are 3 PRO plans available, that will work with any budget:
PRO Starter | PRO Expert | PRO Commerce
PRO Starter Features
3 more beautiful PRO responsive gallery templates:
Polaroid gallery template – demo
Grid gallery template – demo
Slider gallery template – demo
PRO image and media lightbox built in! demo
11 beautiful hover effect presets – demo
12 CSS thumbnail filters (Instagram) – demo
PRO Expert Features
Video Support – demo
Import video from Youtube, Vimeo and others
Self-hosted videos
Add filters using Media Tags or Categories – demo
Multi-level filtering for galleries demo
Bulk media tags and category management for attachments
Dynamic Galleries (load images from other sources):
Load from a folder on the server
Load from a collection from Adobe Lightroom (using WP/LR Sync)
Load all attachments with Media Tags
Load all attachments with Media Categories
Load from a folder in Real Media Library
Load featured images from a post/page/custom post type – demo
Advanced Pagination
Numbered pagination – demo
“Load More” pagination – demo
Infinite scroll image gallery – demo
Advanced Custom Captions – demo
EXIF metadata gallery – demo
Bulk Copy Gallery Settings – more info
Deeplinking support for pages and filters
PRO Commerce Features
Image Protection
Photo watermarking – demo
No right-click protection – demo
Deep WooCommerce integration – demo
Create a dynamic gallery from your WooCommerce products in seconds!
Filter using WooCommerce product categories
Show sales ribbons for products on sale
Add-to-cart buttons on thumbnails
Support for product variations
Show product details (including variations) in Lightbox
Sell your images online – demo
Link all your gallery items to a single master product
Supports variations
See More Demos
Test Drive
Take FooGallery for a test drive! Spin up your very own WP instance with FooGallery pre-installed:
Start FooGallery Test Drive!
FooGallery Documentation
FooGallery includes a really simple-to-use Gutenberg block to add your existing FooGallery image galleries in seconds. And it includes live previews of the image gallery too!
When you install FooGallery for the first time, the plugin asks you (the website admin) to opt-in so that we can track your usage of the plugin and provide a better service (send you update emails for new version releases and security updates etc). This is optional and not required in order to use the plugin.
From your website point of view, FooGallery never collects or stores any visitor information at all, when someone visits your website.
PHP 8 Compatible
FooGallery has been tried and tested on servers running up to PHP 8
Retina Support
FooGallery is a responsive gallery with built-in support for higher quality thumbnails on retina-enabled displays. No more blurry thumbnails, just crisp thumbnails so that your image galleries look amazing on all devices.
Video Gallery
FooGallery PRO Expert allows you to create a video gallery in seconds! Import from YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, TED and Dailymotion, or import a self-hosted video from any online source (eg. S3 bucket).
You can also easily create mixed galleries with both images and videos!
Sell your photographs online with our full WooCommerce integration, available in PRO Commerce. You can either create a dyanmic gallery from your existing products, or you can sell images in a gallery by linking them to a single master product. With full support for variations. Highlight products for sale with ribbons. Add call-to-action buttons to your items, for example AJAX Add to Cart buttons.
Albums Built In
Albums are built in as an extension. Simply head over to the extensions page and activate the albums extension. A new menu item will appear that allows you to add albums just as easily as galleries.
Built For Developers
FooGallery was designed to be the most developer-friendly image gallery plugin available for WordPress. It was also built on top of a solid extension framework, which means different functionality is separated out into different areas in the codebase. It also means the core plugin is lightweight, but still allowing for the most flexibility.
Special Thanks
Thanks to Fortinet FortiGuard Labs for the security testing conducted on the plugin. FooGallery is a safer plugin thanks to them.
We did the research. FooGallery has the best performance and has the most features out of any free WordPress gallery plugin. Read our blog post about it:
What is the Best WordPress Gallery Plugin?

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