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Mô tả
The Custom Field Template plugin adds the default custom fields on the Write Post/Page. The template format is almost same as the one of the rc:custom_field_gui plugin. The difference is following.
You can set any number of the custom field templates and switch the templates when you write/edit the post/page.
This plugin does not use the ini file for the template but set it in the option page of the plugin.
Support for TinyMCE in the textarea.
Support for media buttons in the textarea. – requires at least 2.5.
Support for multiple fields with the same key.
Support for hideKey and label options.
You can see the full option list in the setting page of the plugin.
You can customize the design of custom field template with css.
You can replace custom keys by labels.
You can use wpautop function.
You can use PHP codes in order to set values. (experimental, code = 0)
You can set an access user level in each field. (level = 1)
Supprt for inserting custom field values into tags automatically. (insertTag = true)
Adds [cft] Shortcode to display the custom field template. (only shows the attributes which have output = true)
Adds template instruction sections.
Adds the value label option for the case that values are diffrent from viewed values. (valueLabel = apples # oranges # bananas)
Adds the blank option. (blank = true)
Adds the break type. Set CSS of ‘#cft div’. (type = break)
Adds [cft] Shortcode Format.
Adds the sort option. (sort = asc, sort = desc, sort = order)
Support for Quick Edit of custom fields. (tinyMCE and mediaButton are not supported yet)
Support for the custom field search. (only shows the attributes which have search = true.)
Adds [cftsearch] Shortcode Format. (under development)
Adds PHP codes for the output value. (outputCode = 0)
Adds PHP codes before saving the values. (editCode = 0)
Adds the save functionality.
Adds the class option. (class = text)
Adds the auto hook of the_content(). (experimental)
You can use the HTML Editor in the textarea. (htmlEditor = true)
Adds the box title replacement option.
Adds the select option of the post type.
Adds the value count option.
Adds the option to use the shortcode in the widhet.
Adds the attributes of JavaScript Event Handlers. (onclick = alert(‘ok’);)
Adds the Initialize button.
Adds the attributes of before and after text. (before = blah, after = blah)
Adds the export and import functionality.
Adds the style attribute. (style = color:#FF0000;)
Adds the maxlength attribute. (maxlength = 10)
Adds the attributes of multiple fields. (multiple = true, startNum = 5, endNum = 10, multipleButton = true)
Adds the attributes of the date picker in text type. (date = true, dateFirstDayOfWeek = 0, dateFormat = yyyy/mm/dd)
Adds the filter of page template file names (Thanks, Joel Pittet).
Adds the attribute of shortCode in order to output the shortcode filtered values. (shortCode = true)
Adds the attribute of outputNone in case there is no data to output. (outputNone = No Data)
Adds the attribute of singleList attribute in order to output with

  • if the value is single. ex) singleList = true
    Adds the file upload type. (type = file)
    Adds the fieldset type. (type = fieldset_open, type = fieldset_close)
    Adds the option to deploy the box in each template.
    Belorussian (by_BY) – Marcis Gasuns
    Catalan (ca) – Andreu Llos
    Czech (cs_CZ) – Jakub
    German (de_DE) – F J Kaiser
    Spanish (es_ES) – Dario Ferrer
    Farsi (fa_IR) – Mehdi Zare
    French (fr_FR) – Nicolas Lemoine
    Hungarian (hu_HU) – Balazs Kovacs
    Indonesian (id_ID) – Masino Sinaga
    Italian (it_IT) – Gianni Diurno
    Japanese (ja) – Hiroaki Miyashita
    Dutch (nl_NL) – Rene
    Polish (pl_PL) – Difreo
    Brazilian Portuguese (pt_BR) – Caciano Gabriel
    Russian (ru_RU) – Sonika
    Swedish (sv_SE) – Pontus Carlsson
    Turkish (tr_TR) – Omer Faruk
    Ukranian (uk_UA) – Andrew Kovalev
    Uzbek (uz_UZ) – Alexandra Bolshova
    Chinese (zh_CN) – hurri zhu
    If you have translated into your language, please let me know.
    Japanese Custom Field Template Manual
    Are you interested in other plugins? See the following site CMS x WP.
    Deactivate the plugin
    That’s it!

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