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Happy customers are your best marketers. So why not ask them to leave a review?
Send an automated, personalized email reminder to each customer after a transaction – make reviewing easier than ever before!
Enhance the standard WooCommerce reviews with extra features, and reassure customers by having their questions answered with a Q&A section on product pages.
The Customer Reviews for WooCommerce plugin helps you increase engagement, build loyalty, improve SEO, and get more sales with social proof.
Localized to over 40 languages and installed on over 50,000 stores!
The plugin includes integration with an external service to verify customer reviews. CusRev collects reviews from customers and verifies their authenticity.
You can find information about CusRev‘s terms, privacy, and data protection policies on our website.
Automated or manual review reminder emails
Aggregated review forms to allow quick and easy reviewing
Enhanced reviews, including ratings, images, voting and filtering options
Offer discounts in exchange for reviews
Integration with Google Shopping
Question and Answer feature, allowing customers to ask and answer FAQs
Import and export reviews
Customer Reviews for WooCommerce makes reviewing simple.
You can easily set it to send out review collection emails, days or weeks after purchase. The review form makes it as simple as possible for the customer to leave a review.
It’s an easy process:
Your customer places an order.
You fulfill the order and mark it as completed.
After a delay (customizable by you), your customer receives our automated review request email.
The customer leaves a review for all of their purchases on our aggregated form. Reviews can include ratings and images to increase trust.
The review is exported to WooCommerce and published on your site.
You can even choose to automatically send the customer a discount code for future purchases as a thank you.
Plus, benefit from:
A one-page review form where customers can review multiple items in one go
Manual email invitations for selected orders
Personalized emails for each customer with built-in variables
Emails restricted for particular categories of products or customers with specific user roles
Quick and easy functionality thanks to a responsive email template and custom colors
An Unsubscribe option
A built-in testing tool to ensure emails look beautiful before sending
Reminders in different languages via “qTranslate X”, “Polylang” and “WPML” plugin integration
Support for custom WooCommerce order statuses
Did you know that displaying reviews can increase conversion by 270%?
Reviews show that people can trust your site. Other people have bought from you before, and it went so well that they want to share their experience. That social proof is important. Customers need to know your product images and descriptions can be trusted. They need to know their bank account is safe.
Turn your visitors into customers by displaying reviews!
Plus, benefit from:
Enabling customers to attach pictures to reviews
Preventing spam by enabling reCAPTCHA for reviews
Showing reviews summary bar on product pages
Filtering reviews by rating
Enabling visitors to vote on reviews left by your customers
Lazy loading of reviews and attached pictures
Sorting reviews by date or votes
Review tagging
Trust Badges that show a summary of verified customer reviews
Built-in shortcodes to display a responsive list, grid, or slider of reviews on any page or post
Google loves something new! Add new content to your site automatically with customer reviews.
Show off review ratings directly in Google searches, and boost your site’s clickthrough rate.
Plus, benefit from:
Getting unique, user-generated SEO content for your shop – customer reviews often contain long tail keywords
Building user-generated content (UGC) such as photos and videos uploaded by your customers
Enhancing rich snippets and structured data markup for reviews with pictures
Enhancing the standard WooCommerce structured data markup with product identifiers (GTIN, MPN, Brand)
Customers believe that only 8% of companies deliver a great experience – but that can change!
Use reviews to get direct feedback from your customers. Find out the good and bad parts of their experience.
You can make business decisions based on the feedback you receive and keep your customers happy.
Plus, benefit from:
Receiving feedback for multiple products at once with aggregated review forms
Personalized email templates
Enabling customers to vote on past reviews
Market to your existing customers!
It’s simple: our review reminders keep you in the forefront of their minds, and offering coupon codes for future purchases gets them back to your store.
It’s easy for a customer to leave a review and receive their coupon, which creates a double whammy effect: the customer comes back for more, and you gain valuable feedback. Maybe they’ll even gift the voucher to a friend!
Plus, benefit from:
Automatically generating new coupons for ongoing customer reviews
Fair rules for coupon creation – customers will be awarded with a coupon regardless of how positive or negative their review is
Automatic emails with coupons upon review submission
Personalizing emails with coupons for each customer using built-in variables
Fine-tuning coupon properties according to your sales strategy
Working out-of-the-box with a responsive email template with custom colors
A built-in testing tool to ensure emails look beautiful before sending
Emailing coupons in different languages via “qTranslate X”, “Polylang”, and “WPML” plugin integration
There’s nothing more reassuring to customers than having their questions answered – with Customer Reviews for WooCommerce you can do just that by:
Adding a tab with Questions & Answers or FAQs to product pages on your website
Letting your prospective customers ask questions about products and view questions others have asked
Increasing sales by answering questions and making sure prospective customers have all the information available to make a purchase decision
Reducing return and refund requests by providing answers to common questions about products, as well as offering extra information to avoid any potential misunderstanding of product features or benefits
Improving SEO with content created by your customers – that in turn helps search engines better understand and index your website
Generate an XML feed with products for Google Shopping
Generate an XML feed with product reviews for Google Shopping
Show star ratings in Google Shopping search results
Want to add product reviews from external websites? No problemo.
Just use the import reviews feature, which automatically creates reviews in WooCommerce based on a CSV file.
Similarly, you can export WooCommerce reviews to a CSV file.
Make sure that WooCommerce is installed.
Then, just follow the Getting Started Tutorial on our official support portal or watch the video tutorial.
CusRev has two plans: Free and Pro. The Pro plan offers additional features and email support – to find out more and purchase a license, please visit CusRev’s website.

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