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Do you know the situation, when some plugin offers you to update to premium, to collect technical data and shows many annoying notices? You are close these notices every now and again but they newly appears and interfere your work with WordPress. Even worse, some plugin’s authors delete “close” button from notices and they shows in your admin panel forever.
Our team was tired of this, and we developed a small plugin that solves problems with annoying notices. With this plugin, you can turn off notices forever individually for themes, plugins and the WordPress itself.
The Hide admin notices plugin adds “Hide notification forever” link for each admin notice. Click this link and plugin will filter this notice and you will never see it. This method will help you to disable only annoying notices from plugins and themes, but important error notifications will continue to work.
In addition, you can disable all notices globally simply change plugin options. In this case, the plugin hides all admin notices, except of updates notices in the list of installed plug-ins.
[Premium] You can hide the notice for other users who have access to the admin panel, while displaying this notice for yourself. (Multisite only)
And still, that you could see which notices are shows, we made the special item in the top admin bar that will collect all notices in one place. It is disabled by default to freeing space in the admin menu but you can enable it in plugin options.
[Premium] We have also added a Hidden Notices page so that the site administrator can view the entire list of hidden notes and restore some of them, if necessary.
[Premium] Compact panel – Instead of notices in the admin panel (no matter how many) a compact panel is displayed, it takes up little space and will not interfere with you. By clicking on the compact panel, you will see all your notes, click again and all your notes are hidden again. This is an easy way to keep track of notes, you won’t miss anything, all notes will be available in one click.
[Premium] Block Ad Redirects – This feature will be useful to you to break advertising redirects. Some plugins, when updating or during installation, may redirect you to their page with advertisements or news. If plugins do this too often, it can be a headache for you. Break these redirects with our premium features.
[Premium] Hide admin bar items (menu) – This function allows you to disable annoying menu items in the admin bar. Some plugins take up space in the admin bar to insert their ads. Just get rid of this ad with the premium features of our plugin.
[Premium] Disable plugins updates nags
[Premium] Disable core updates nags
We used some useful functions from plugins Clearfy – disable unused features, WP Hide Plugin Updates and Warnings, Hide All Notices, WP Nag Hide, WP Notification Center
We invite you to check out a few other related free plugins that our team has also produced that you may find especially useful:
Clearfy – WordPress optimization plugin and disable ultimate tweaker
Disable updates, Updates manager, Disable automatic updates
Disable Comments for Any Post Types (Remove Comments)
Cyrlitera – transliteration of links and file names
Disable updates, Disable automatic updates, Updates manager
Hide login page, Hide wp admin – stop attack on login page
English – default, always included
If you want to help with the translation, please contact me through this site or through the contacts inside the plugin.https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/disable-admin-notices/

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webcrafticDisable Admin Notices individually Pro – Premium free có key full crack Dịch vụ SEO TVD SEO

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