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Mô tả
Stop a WordPress website from sending any emails using the standard wp_mail() function. No emails will be sent, not even for password resets or administrator notifications.
WordPress websites can send emails for a variety of reasons — e.g user registration, password reset, enquiry form submission, e-commerce purchase — but sometimes you don’t want it to send anything at all. Some reasons for disabling all emails:
demonstration websites that allow users to do things that normally send emails
development / test websites with live data that might email real customers
bulk-loading data into websites which might trigger emails
adding new sites into multisite installations
NB: if you need to run this plugin on WordPress 5.4 or earlier, and must install manually from a .zip file, please install version 1.6.3 which you can download from the Advanced page for the plugin. Since version 1.7.0, WordPress 5.5 or later is required.
Many thanks to the generous efforts of our translators:
Chinese (zh-CN) — Cai_Miao and the Chinese translation team
Czech (cs-CZ) — Rudolf Klusal
Dutch (nl_NL) — the Dutch translation team
English (en_CA) — the English (Canadian) translation team
French (fr_FR) — the French translation team
Korean (ko_KR) — the Korean translation team
Japanese (ja) — Cai_Miao and the Japanese translation team
German (de-DE) — Peter Harlacher
Norwegian: Bokmål (nb-NO) — neonnero
Norwegian: Nynorsk (nn-NO) — neonnero
Russian (ru_RU) — the Russian translation team
Swedish (sv_SE) — the Swedish translation team
If you’d like to help out by translating this plugin, please sign up for an account and dig in.https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/disable-emails/

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