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Dynamic Conditions is an Elementor addon that adds conditional logic to show or hide different elements. The plugin adds conditions to dynamic tags to show/hide a widget or section.
The plugin requires Elementor Pro since it uses Dynamic Tags to set the comparison conditions.
Setting display conditions is easy! Just enter the condition value and compare it to any dynamic tag. If the condition is met, set whether you want to show or hide the element. Can it be more simple?
Advanced users can set complex conditions – you can check if a field is empty, if it contains some value, if it equals a value, greater/smaller or between a certain value.
Special thanks to WPTuts for making a nice video tutorial:
You can support development by contributing to the plugin´s GitHub repository:
Github Dynamic Conditions
Select a widget or a section.
Go to the Advanced tab.
Click the Dynamic Conditions area.
Set the “Dynamic Tag” field you want to compare to.
Set whether you want to “Show/Hide” the element if the condition is met.
Under the “Condition” field, select what you wish to compare. You can compare whether the field is empty/not-empty, check if it has a specific value or if its value is between two other values.
The “Compare Type” field defines what type of fields do you want to compare. Default compares two strings (text). But if you want to show a widget/section only on Monday or only in December, you can select Days or Month as Compare-Type.
At last you have to enter the value to compare the dynamic-field with. Or two values, if you have selected the “between” condition.https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/dynamicconditions/

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