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Easy Watermark can automatically add watermark to images as they are uploaded to wordpress media library. You can also watermark existing images manually (all at once or an every single image). Watermark can be an image, text or both.
On one image you can have two watermarks! One of them can be text watermark and the other image watermark. You can control their position and size and apply them to your media independently.
Image watermark can be a JPG, PNG or GIF
Full support for transparency and alpha chanel in PNG and GIF files
JPG and GIF files and text can have opacity set (from 0 to 100%)
Text watermark is created using ttf fonts
Text color, size and rotation can be set
All built-in image sizes can be watermarked (thumbnail, medium, large and fullsize) as well as all additional sizes registered by themes or plugins
Plugin can create image backups and allows to easily restore images
Easy Watermark supports three most popular image formats for watermark: JPG, PNG and GIF. For JPG watermarks you can control the opacity as well.
Watermark can be applied in on of the 9 positions on the image and you can controll the exact sizing of it.
Text watermark have a powerful feature of placeholders, which can be dynamically applied to the image. Ie. you can put the name of user who uploaded the image as well as the upload date. Watermark text will be automatically generated and applied.
The plugin supports a few fonts:
Arial Black
Comic Sans MS
Courier New
Times New Roman
Trebuchet MS
You can also place the text watermark in one of the 9 positions on the image, control the angle, color, opacity and size.
BracketSpace – the company behind this plugin provides custom WordPress plugin development services. We can create any custom plugin for you.https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/easy-watermark/

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