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Elementor is the leading website building platform for WordPress, enabling web creators to build professional, pixel-perfect websites with an intuitive visual builder. Quickly create amazing websites for your clients or your business with complete control over every piece, without writing a single line of code. Join a vast community of web creators from all around the world who deliver exceptional websites using Elementor.
Check out Elementor Website Builder.
Whether you’re looking to achieve pixel-perfect designs, scale and accelerate your website creation process, or increase lead generation, Elementor has what you need to create any type of website.
With an instant, live design and inline editing drag-and-drop Editor, you can create your website while seeing exactly how it would look. Elementor’s open-source solution comes with dozens of out-of-the-box widgets and features for you to use. Additionally, you can integrate with other marketing services or extend Elementor’s capabilities even more with the Developers Docs.
To edit elements from your Theme, including its Header, Footer, Single Post, and Archive Page, check out our Pro features.
With Elementor’s robust design features, you can create unique, show-stopping websites. Adjust every element’s spacing, positioning, padding, and margins exactly as you want it, down to the very last pixel. Elevate your website’s design with over 40 widgets and features like Box Shadow, Background Overlays, Hover Effects, Headline Effects, Animations, Gradient Backgrounds, CSS Transform, Mask Options, Shape Dividers, Coming Soon Mode, and many more.
To view a complete list of Elementor’s features, visit the feature page.
Save valuable time, jumpstart your website creation process, or find inspiration with our designer-made website kits and templates. Apply a Full Website Kit to get a website in a snap, including the Homepage, Service Page, and more. Use the library to import Single Pages, Blocks, or Popup templates to your website. You can also create and export your own templates and import them to another website to create reusable website blueprints and accelerate your website creation process.
Seamlessly adjust the content and presentation of your website to every device. With Custom Breakpoints, you can deliver the most optimized experience for each visitor, whether they’re viewing your website on Desktop, Mobile, Tablet, Wide Screen, and more.
Streamline your workflow and introduce efficient methodologies to accelerate your website creation process. Leverage global fonts and colors for consistency throughout your website. Drag media files directly from your desktop into the editor, mark widgets as favorites, create a blueprint of your website so you can reuse it, and more.
Take your professional workflow to the next level with Dynamic Content.
Enjoy fast-loading websites that rank well on Google search. Enhance your website performance using built-in features, and benefit from Elementor’s ongoing performance improvements, such as reduced CSS and JS files, lazy loading, and more. To learn more, check out our performance page.
Elementor is built with Accessibility in mind and offers tools and enhancements to help you provide a better experience for all users. These include HTML 5 semantic, full keyboard navigation menu, ongoing accessibility improvement of features, widget, and more
Join a thriving global community that helps each other achieve their goals. Get answers to your questions, solve problems with other members, share knowledge, and so much more. Join the community discussions, meetups, enjoy hundreds of YouTube videos, articles, and tutorials made by members worldwide.
Facebook Community – with over 120K members, who are constantly offering support, advice, feedback, and tutorials about new features and how to achieve complex website scenarios.
Dozens of Elementor Addons – a multitude of addons that extends Elementor’s solution with over 900 addons, so you can achieve nearly every capability you can think of, no matter how niche it is.
Experts Community – the Elementor experts market is the place for you to find and hire an Expert, or become an Expert and offer your services to clients.
Community Hub – connect with other community members, get informed about new releases and updates in the developer’s edition.
Github Community – get information about all the latest releases, request features, or report a bug.
Elementor includes a variety of 40+ free widgets for you to build professional and engaging websites:
Heading. Add eye-catching headlines.
Image. Control the size, opacity and other settings of images.
Text Editor. A WYSIWYG text editor, just like the WordPress editor.
Video. Add YouTube, Vimeo, Dailymotion or self-hosted videos to your page.
Button. Controlling every aspect of the button design.
Image Box. A box that includes image, headline and text.
Testimonials. Customer testimonials that show social proof.
Icon. Place one or more of 600+ icons available.
Icon Box. Include an icon, headline, and text with one widget.
Social Icons. Link to your social pages with the relevant icon like Facebook/Twitter.
Image Gallery. Displays your images in an aligned grid.
Image Carousel. Create a rotating carousel or slider for chosen images.
Icon List. Use any icon to create a bullet list.
Counter. Show stats and numbers in an escalating manner.
Progress Bar. Include an escalating progress bar.
Tabs. Display different pieces of content in vertical or horizontal tabs.
Accordion. Display content in multiple collapsable sections.
Toggle. Use the Toggle to hide or display content, like FAQ.
Star Rating. Allow your visitors to rate you on your website.
Alert. Include a colored alert box to draw visitor’s attention.
HTML. Insert code into the page.
Shortcode. Easily insert shortcodes from any plugin into the page.
Menu Anchor. Link any menu to this anchor.
Read More. Set the Read More cut-off for the excerpt in archive pages.
Sidebar. Add any sidebar into the page.
Google Maps. Embed maps into the page.
SoundCloud. Add audio bits from SoundCloud.
Divider. Separate content with a designed divider.
Spacer. Add space between elements.
Columns. Create inner columns within the column.
Text Path. Attach your text to a path..
And counting…
As an open-source platform, developers can extend Elementor’s capabilities and explore various resources to get started. This includes a developer’s website, Developers Docs, Developers Blog, GitHub, Add-on Developers Newsletter, the Community Hub’s development room, and more.
Elementor supports multiple languages and typographies and is RTL compatible, so you get an Editor and Panel that supports over 59 languages out of the box. Elementor is also compatible with WPML, Polylang, TranslatePress, Weglot, and more.
If you would like to contribute, you can add a new language via translate.wordpress.org. We’ve built a short guide explaining how to translate and localize the plugin.
Create immersive web experiences while saving time and resources, keeping costs manageable with Elementor Pro. Get access to +90 professional widgets, features, and tools to create comprehensive website experiences.
Elementor Pro’s features include:
– Exclusive Pro Kits and Templates
– Advanced Motion Effects
– Industry-leading Theme Builder
– WooCommerce Builder
– Professional Form Builder and Submission Log
– Popup Builder
– Dynamic Content
– Marketing automation and CRM integrations
– Scroll Snap
– Custom fonts & icons
– Role manager
– Blog post layout widget
– Image & video sliders
– Global widgets
– Custom CSS
– Custom Code
– 90+ Professional widgets
– And many more.
Join the elite web creators who enjoy Elementor Pro!
Elementor is ISO 27001 certified and has a dedicated team of security professionals that implements industry best practices for maximum security and compliance 24/7.
There is also a managed security Bug Bounty program, utilizing the community power by enabling 24/7/365 crowdsourced vulnerability detection.
To learn how to get started with Elementor, or view tutorials about new features, go to the Elementor Academy or the Help Center.
If you have any more questions or need support, visit the support on the Plugin’s forum. Elementor Pro users can also reach out to a dedicated support channel for premium 24/7 support.
For more information about Elementor and Elementor Pro features, visit Elementor Website Builder.
Join our Facebook Group.
Learn from our tutorials on YouTube Channel.
Or rate us on WordPresshttps://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/elementor/

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ElementorElementor Website Builder Pro – Premium free có key full crack Dịch vụ SEO TVD SEO

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