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Best plugin of all time to categorize WordPress media library with folders.
Let’s organize WordPress media library folders using a drag and drop organizer.
TEST DRIVE | GO PRO (Lifetime License)
FileBird enhances your media library with a clean user interface, native icons, smooth drag & drop, dynamic gallery, advanced sort options, and better organization.
The free version allows you to create unlimited main folders and subfolders.
Documentation | Compare FileBird Free vs Pro
FileBird allows you to create virtual folders to categorize your WordPress media file uploads. So when you move files and folders around, it won’t break the permalinks to your images in the page/post content.
With FileBird Pro you can save time on WP media management, search for any files & folders, sort them out, add product image gallery, download/export media folders, etc. That’s a great way to boost your admin workflow and productivity.
Download Media Folder (PRO)
Export an entire media folder including its subfolders and files in a single ZIP file. Keep the same folder structure. Backup categorized media files.
Multiple Tree View Styles (PRO)
Apart from hierarchical tree view, you have an option to hide levels from tree view, too. This flat tree view is very useful for those with a large number of folders.
Smart Startup Folder
Choose a specific folder or previously opened folder upon startup. Quickly get back to work. Save more time.
File Location
Locate any file in its details modal and easily change its containing folder.
Friendly User Interface
Drag and drop to upload or bulk move files into folders. Drag and drop to arrange folders and subfolders.
Smart Context Menu
Right-click on FileBird folders section to quickly create, rename, cut, paste, or delete folders just the way you do on your computer.
Full Control In One Toolbar
FileBird’s collapsible sidebar provides you with the ultimate control over all WordPress media library folders.
Painless Migration
Import and seamlessly synchronize media category/folder structure from Enhanced Media Library, WP Media Folder by JoomUnited, WordPress Media Library Folders by Max Foundry, Real Media Library, and HappyFiles.
Export Folders Organization
One-click to export the whole WP media folder structure so that you can migrate it to your live sites or simply keep a backup.
User Based Folder View
Enabling this mode allows admins and other users with access to create their own categories/directories. A user can freely manage his/her folders without affecting others’ directory structure.
Powerful Search Feature
You can sort and search for file and folder name not only in Media library but also in page/post editor.
Various Sort Options (PRO)
Go advanced with 2 ways to sort folders and 8 ways to sort files. This is a great time-saver for all busy WordPress admins & webmasters.
Customizable Default File Order
Set a way of sorting files ascending/descending alphabetically by the file name, title, date, modified, and author.
Bulk-Delete Folders
Now you can bulk-select folders and delete them in a single click. All those files will be moved to the Uncategorized folder and remain intact.
RTL Supported
FileBird supports RTL languages including Hebrew, Arabic, etc.
Many Languages Supported
This plugin supports most popular languages such as English, Spanish, Italian, French, Germany, etc.
Are you a WordPress website administrator?
Managing a WordPress site means that you’ll be adding tons of multi-media files such as images, videos, audios, documents, etc., into your WP media library.
As a result, your library has to store thousands of files and could become a total mess. WordPress default file name search function is a good thing but it will never match the ease of going directly to a folder. That’s when FileBird comes in to help with managing files in WordPress!
This media file manager gives you the ability to easily organize all files by drag and drop between folders. With FileBird in hand, things will be a lot better than they were.
The best thing about a folder-based structure is it makes it very easy to find the files you need and saves you so much time.
You won’t see WordPress media library not loading, as FileBird smart-loads one folder at a time.
Upload multiple folders and their files directly from computer to WordPress
Create gallery from folders using Gutenberg block of FileBird gallery
Create document gallery with shortcode
Resize the left sidebar to get an overview of all folders
Upload files to a specific folder by choosing the destination folder from the dropdown
Easily search for the name of file/folder
From the page/post composer, browse files and folders in the FileBird UI
Keep your folders uncluttered by clearing out the old files using Sort features
Press ESC to exit bulk select mode
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