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Gravity PDF is the ultimate self-hosted solution for dynamically creating digital PDF documents using Gravity Forms and WordPress.
Out of the box you receive four highly-customisable PDF designs. Within minutes, you can personalise the look and feel by adding your company logo, header, footer, paper size / orientation, font, color and size. If these designs don’t suit, select a new one from the Template Shop, go Bespoke, or build your own using HTML/CSS/PHP.
Gravity PDF can automatically email the PDF to both the admin and the user as soon as the form is completed. Try combining this feature with one of Gravity Forms payment add-ons (like Stripe, Square, or PayPal) to delay the email until the payment is complete.
Gravity PDF generates PDFs on your web server, so no third-party service receives your data. Robust security protects your documents, and the plugin is GDPR-compliant for our European friends.
Digital document management with WordPress and Gravity Forms just became simple with Gravity PDF!
Unlimited Use, No Restrictions – There are zero hard limits to the number of PDFs you can configure across all your forms or generate on your entries. Gravity PDF does NOT stamp documents with our logo, limit the number of PDFs you can create per month, or purposefully restrict essential functionality to force you to upgrade to a paid plan.
Privacy and Security – your form data is never sent to a third party to generate the PDFs and the documents are generated directly on your web server. Strong access control policies are put in place to prevent unauthenticated access to your PDFs.
Multilingual – a multitude of languages from across the globe can be displayed in PDFs, include complex scripts like Hebrew, Arabic, Thai, Japanese, Chinese, and Korean.
Additional Fonts – match your branding and enhance the overall look and feel of PDFs by install your own fonts.
Columns – use Drag and Drop columns in Gravity Forms and PDFs will automatically mimic that layout.
Shortcode and Merge Tags – You can generate a link or URL to PDFs using both shortcodes and merge tags so your users can download the PDF right after form submission.
Export Entries – include the direct link to any PDF(s) when exporting your form entries
Webhooks Add-on – send the direct PDF link with Webhook requests when using Gravity Forms Webhooks add-on.
Gravity Flow – create complex workflows using Gravity Flow and automatically email Gravity PDF-generated documents at any step in the workflow.
GravityView – add links to PDFs when building a members area using GravityView + Advanced Filtering add-on.
Background Processing – generating PDFs on form submission can be time consuming. Offload it to a background process will ensure form submissions are processed faster.
Design PDFs – developers can build their own PDF templates using HTML, CSS, and PHP with the help of our developer documentation.
Documentation and Support – there is extensive documentation covering every feature of Gravity PDF that you can comb through, plus we provide free general support to all users.
Pay for additional PDF designs and functionality from our online store.
New Designs – get access to 9 additional universal designs, 4 invoices, and 3 letter styles
Additional customizations – watermark PDFs with your own logo or text, control fields that should be displayed per PDF, add field descriptions, display all checkbox or radio field options, add notes, show field values instead of labels, and hide the product table
On-screen Preview – allow users to preview the PDF before form submission (and optionally payment) so they can see what the end result will be. This is a great feature for capturing e-signatures, selling PDF reports / certificates / gift cards, or providing an on-screen proof before the PDF is sent to the printers (perfect for business cards).
Bulk Download – search, filter, and select entries and then zip up all your PDFs and download all together in a convenient zip file
GFChart – create PDF reports that display pie, bar, or column charts with aggregate Gravity Forms data using GFChart.
30-Day Refund Guarantee – Purchase with confidence knowing when you buy a product from our store that you can get a refund within 30 days, for any reason.
Need a tailor-made solution for Gravity PDF that solves complex business problems? Our team of experienced developers have helped thousands of businesses like yours to accomplish these goals. We can even automatically fill out existing PDFs like government forms! Find out more.
We have extensive documentation on using Gravity PDF, and our friendly support team provides FREE basic support via (we do respond to questions in forums, but give priority to our support portal).
All development for Gravity PDF is handled via GitHub. Opening new issues or submitting a pull request is welcome.
The public roadmap is available on Trello. We’d love it if you vote and comment on your favorite ideas.
Keep up to date with Gravity PDF by subscribing to the newsletter, following us on Twitter and liking us on Facebook.
If you enjoy using the software we’d love it if you could give us a review!
Note: When Gravity Forms isn’t installed and you activate Gravity PDF we display a notice that includes an affiliate link to their website.

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