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Additional widgets for Elementor page builder. It has 40 highly customizable widgets.
We include widgets that you can customize to your as you want.
Accordion. Add collapsable content. Suitable for FAQ content.
Icon Box. A box that includes icon, title, and description.
Testimonial Slider. Add testimonials on your site. Useful to increase users belief in your products or services.
Image Gallery. Display images as grid and masonry gallery. Add additional filterable feature.
Progress Bar. Progress bar element with escalating animation.
Fun Fact. A box that include icon and number content.
Form – WP Form widget. Styling WP Form element.
Client Logo Slider. A logo image slider.
Navigation Menu. Create dropdown navigation menu. Allow your users navigate to another page.
Post Block. Display list of your posts on page.
Team. Show your team members with name, position, bio, picture, and social media links.
Pie Chart. Create data pie charts and show it on your page. You can change styles, content, and percentage.
Portfolio Gallery. Add portfolio gallery with hover effect.
Image Box. A box that includes image, title, and description with hover scale animation.
Animated Text. Text widget that using rotating, highlight, and gradient animation.
Countdown. Countdown to show your contents of future events.
Button. Add button with customizable style.
Video Button. Add button with Youtube or Vimeo video pop up on click.
Post List. Select some posts to show it on a list.
Category List. Select some categories to show it on a list.
Mailchimp. Provide sign up form to your users. You can manage mailing list, automated mailing, newsletter, and many other options with mailchimp.
Heading. Highlight your headlines with custom styles.
Post Title. Show the title of the post.
Post Featured Image. Post featured image with style and hover animation.
Post Comment. Include comment to the post using default theme style.
Post Terms. A list that show the taxonomies assigned to the post. You can choose one of the following options: category, post tag, or post format
Post Excerpt. Show the excerpt of the post.
Post Date. Post publish or modified date with default, relative, or custom format.
Post Author. Show post author information.
Social Share. Add social button and share your post to social media when the button is clicked.
Off Canvas. Add off canvas content to the page. Choose the content from saved templates. You can choose to slide off canvas from left, right, top, or bottom.
Tabs. Divide your contents into several tabs with the title in vertical or horizontal style. Show content by click the title.
Dual Button. Add two buttons side by side. Also you can add middle text.
Search. Add search functionality with popup form. Let your visitors find what they are searching on your site.
Feature List. Add feature lists with icons.
Post Content. Show the content of single post.
Product Grid. Display products in a grid.
Product Carousel. Display products with a carousel.
Product Categories. Displays the product category that you created.
Banner. You can promote your products with banners.
Sticky Element. Create Sticky element for Section and Column.
Global Style options. Choose your Global Style Template Kit for your site.
Header and Footer Template. Create Header or Footer template for the entire site or with specific conditions.
404 Template. Choose your 404 Template for your site.

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JegstudioJeg Elementor Kit Pro – Premium free có key full crack Dịch vụ SEO TVD SEO

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