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JivoChat is an all-in-one business messenger that is optimized for WordPress which teams use to talk to customers everywhere: live chat, phone, email, and social. JivoChat allows you to serve efficient customer support to your clients, thereby increasing your conversion and sales. Customize and configure freely, get the most out of it by reflecting your style and strategy.
Connect all of your communication channels and handle it from a single app efficiently
Engage with your visitors in real-time and convert them to paying customers
Manage your customers efficiently with in-app CRM as a team or connect your favorite CRM easily
Offer calls to your visitors via live chat widget and/or connect your phone number to make/receive calls via Jivo
Trusted by more than 290.000 users, it is the most popular live chat solution in the market. It works at every device smoothly! Use JivoChat and have your chat widget for your WordPress website, position it wherever you want, customize and configure freely, demonstrate your value effectively, and solve issues of your clients efficiently. Turn your visitors into happy customers now!
“JivoChat has proven itself as a simple and very effective way to drive up user engagement, optimize customer support, and increase conversions. Implementing takes less than 10 seconds, but the benefits seem to continue growing forever. We’re delighted to recommend JivoChat to all our clients – we know they’ll love it just as much as we”
Eddie Daniels | Managing Director, BouncyCastle Network
Try us for 14 days, you won’t regret it. Our support is 24/7 and the most helpful you can find around, so please don’t hesitate to reach us. We can offer you a product tour, answer your questions, and make you sure about choosing us.
Omnichannel: Send and receive client communications through Facebook Messenger, WhatsApp, Apple Business Chat, Telegram, your support e-mail address, and even your phone! All inquiries are in one place to be handled.
Offline Messages: Are you not available 24/7? It is perfectly fine, inquiries will be on hold at your inbox and you can reach clients afterward given that they leave their e-mail address on a contact form.
Callbacks: Offer your visitors a call when chat is not enough. They can type their phone number and request a call, which you can make from our app conveniently.
Power and Variety of Apps: JivoChat offers powerful desktop and mobile apps and a web-based app that you can reach via your favorite browser.
Multi-agent Chats: Transfer chats to your colleagues or invite them to participate in open support chats with customers.
Visitor Monitoring & Smart Triggers: Track your visitors in real-time and proactively initiate live chats with them upon conditions you’ve set.
Built-in CRM: Jivo offers a simple CRM in the app that allows you to track statuses with your clients, attach comments to them, and funnel them.
Unlimited Archive: All visitors and all of your conversations are stored without a limit. Conversation history with a client automatically loads when you chat again.
Team Chats: Do you use apps to communicate as a team? You won’t need them anymore, we offer an efficient and powerful team chat feature at our app. All messages at one place!
Reminders: Set a reminder for you or one of your colleagues to perform future actions on a specific conversation with a customer.
Geo-IP Based Behaviors: With our Regions feature, you can show a customized widget for different cities or countries. With a different language, behavior, or set of agents.
Automatic Translator: Forget the language barriers, Jivo will automatically translate your live chat in both directions with foreign-language speakers instantly and accurately.
Quick Phrases & Canned Responses: Create predefined messages and send them by using hotkeys, get suggestions from messages you’ve sent before.
Typing Insights: See the messages that visitors live typing before they hit “send.”
GDPR Compliance: JivoChat fully complies with GDPR requirements.
CRM Integrations, API & Webhooks: Are you looking for a powerful arsenal to let you extend boundaries? JivoChat offers a powerful set of solutions for you then. You can have a live chat widget where you want with our Webhooks API, change the behavior of the widget with JS API, and integrate your CRM with Webhooks.
Quick Site Load Time: Don’t worry about your loading time: Jivo scripts are loaded asynchronously.
We have 24/7 live support! In case you need instructions, you can visit our knowledge base. You can ask your questions to our support at our knowledge base via JivoChat Live Chat widget.
English / English Live Chat Plugin
Russian / Русский плагин живого чата
Spanish / Español Complemento de Chat en Vivo
Brazilian Portuguese / Português do Brasil Plugin de Chat ao Vivo
Turkish / Türkçe canlı destek eklentisi
Indonesian / Bahasa Indonesia live chat plugin
German / Deutsch Live Chat Unterstützung Plugin
French / Français Plugin de Chat en Direct
Dutch / Nederlands Live Chat Plug-in
Italian / Italiano Supporto Plug-in Live Chat
Japanese / 日本語 ライブチャットプラグイン
Portuguese / Português Plugin de Chat ao Vivo
Ukrainian / Українська плагін живого чату
Romanian / Română plugin de chat live
Norwegian / Norsk live chat-plugin
Polish / Polski wtyczka czatu na żywo
Swedish / Svenska live chat plugin
Belarusian / Беларуская мова плагин живого чата
Catalan / Català complement de xat en directe
Simplified Chinese / 简体中文 实时聊天插件
Czech / Česky live chat plugin
Danish / Danska live chat plugin
Greek / Ελληνικά προσθήκη ζωντανής συνομιλίας
Finnish / Suomi live chat-laajennus
Kazakh / қазақ тілі тірі чат плагиніhttps://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/jivochat/

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JivoChatJivoChat Live Chat – WP live chat plugin for WordPress Pro – Premium free có key full crack Dịch vụ SEO TVD SEO

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