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Use the MailChimp List Subscribe plugin to quickly add a MailChimp signup form widget to your WordPress 2.8 or higher site.
After installation, you’ll log in with your API key, select your MailChimp list, choose merge fields and groups, and add the widget to your site. Typically, installation and setup will take about 5-10 minutes, and absolutely everything can be done via the WordPress Setting GUI, with no file editing at all. compatibility is limited to Business tier users only. How to add a signup form if you have a site.
If you are upgrading to version 1.2.1 and you used the widget in your sidebar previously, all you need to do is drag the MailChimp Widget back into the sidebar, visit the MailChimp settings page (which will have maintained your prior settings), click the “Update List” button, and you’re done!
Currently we have the plugin configured so it can be easily translated and the following languages supported:
bg_BG – Bulgarian in Bulgaria (thanks to SiteGround for contributing)
cs_CZ – Czech in the Czech Republic (thanks to Peter Kahoun for contributing)
da_DK – Danish in Denmark (thanks to Jan Lund for contributing)
de_DE – German in Germany (thanks to Michael Jaekel for contributing)
el_GR – Modern Greek in Greece (thanks to Ιωάννης Δημοφέρλιας (John Dimoferlias) for contributing)
en_US – English in the U.S.
es_CL – Spanish in Chile (thanks to Tomás Nader for contributing)
es_ES – Spanish in Spain (thanks to Claudia Mansilla for contributing)
et_ET – Estonian in Estonia (thanks to Helen Urbanik for contributing)
fr_FR – French in France (thanks to Maxime Toulliou for contributing)
he_IL – Hebrew in Israel (thanks to שגיב בית for contributing)
hu_HU – Hungarian in Hungary (thanks to Okostobi for contributing)
it_IT – Italian in Italy (thanks to Stefan Des for contributing)
ko_KR – Korean (thanks to 백선기 (SK Baek) for contributing)
nb_NO – Norwegian (thanks to Alexander Roterud aka Defrag for contributing)
nl_BE – Dutch (thanks to Filip Stas for contributing)
pt_BR – Portuguese in Brazil (thanks to Maria Manoela Porto for contributing)
pt_PT – Portuguese in Portugal (thanks to Tiago Faria for contributing)
ro_RO – Romanian in Romania (thanks to Alexandru Armin Roșu for contributing)
ru_RU – Russian in the Russian Federation (thanks to Илья for contributing)
sv_SE – Swedish in Sweden (thanks to Sebastian Johnsson for contributing)
tr_TR – Turkish in Turkey (thanks to Hakan E. for contributing)
If your language is not listed above, feel free to create a translation. Here are the basic steps:
Copy “mailchimp_i18n-en_US.po” to “mailchimp_i18n-LANG_COUNTRY.po” – fill in LANG and COUNTRY with whatever you use for WPLANG in wp-config.php
Grab a transalation editor. POedit works for us
Translate each line – if you need some context, just open up mailchimp.php and search for the line number or text
Fork the repository on github
Clone the develop branch
Add the appropriately named files to the /po/ directory and edit the /readme.txt to include how you’d like to be attributed
Make a pull request

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