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NitroPack is the all-in-one performance optimization service. It combines everything you need for a lightning-fast website. Image optimization, code minification, caching, CDN, lazy loading – you name it, NitroPack has it.
NitroPack performs all optimizations in the cloud. This makes it a very lightweight solution with a lower CPU overhead compared to standard caching plugins.
Our service provides you with the following (typically paid extra) functionalities included without the need for additional configuration:
Amazon CloudFront CDN – we automatically serve your static assets from a CDN based on Amazon’s CloudFront service
Image Optimization – we optimize all of your images automatically and convert them to WebP
Cache Warmup – we keep your most important pages optimized at all times
Apart from these, NitroPack offers other unique features and benefits like:
Incredibly Simple Setup – getting started with NitroPack is a breeze. There’s no technical configuration or a 15-step installation process. And you don’t need to be a developer to set it up. Simply follow these 4 steps and you’ll be done in no time
No risk of damaging your original site files – NitroPack works on copies of your site files. You don’t like the results from an optimization? No problem. Purge your cache and start over. Even if you decide to disable NitroPack your site will go back to the state it was in before activating our plugin
Cache Invalidation – you can invalidate cache files instead of purging them. This allows NitroPack to keep serving your visitors from cache while a fresh copy of the cache is being generated in the background. Cache invalidation is awesome for high traffic situations like campaigns. It allows you to keep updating your site while still serving cache to your clients. And with NitroPack, cache invalidation happens automatically. (For more info on this, scroll down to the “NitroPack and Campaigns” section)
Critical CSS tailored to each of your unique layouts – most plugins that provide critical CSS functionality prepare a single critical CSS file per post type. Even when you have multiple pages with the same post type but different layouts. NitroPack detects this and generates unique critical CSS for each unique layout. Oh, and because desktop and mobile devices have different viewports, NitroPack also uses different critical CSS for each device type
Optimize resources linked statically into your theme files – NitroPack will discover and optimize all resources linked into your theme, even ones that come hardcoded into your CSS files (even if they are multiple levels down an @import chain)
The configuration requires no technical knowledge. All you need to do is select your desired optimization level: Standard, Medium, Strong or Ludicrous. Besides that, NitroPack does all the work.
Minify HTML
Minify CSS files and inline CSS defined in style tags and attributes
Minify JavaScript files and inline script tags
HTML, CSS and JavaScript compression
Gzip and Brotli compression
Optimize images
Convert to WebP
Lazy load images (including CSS background images)
Lazy load iframes
Amazon CDN
Image previews for YouTube and Vimeo embeds
Defer CSS
Defer JavaScript
Font rendering optimization
DNS prefetch
Compatible with mobile, tablet and desktop devices out of the box
Multisite ready
Support for scheduled posts
eCommerce compatibility
Multilingual support
Advanced resource loading mechanism
Resource preloading using web workers
Automatic cache management – NitroPack will automatically update its cache files when you update content on your site
Option to exclude certain pages from being cached
Option to exclude any resource from being optimized
Option to ignore URL parameters that do not modify the content of your pages (e.g. campaign parameters like utm_source, utm_campaign, etc.)
Cloudflare integration
Sucuri integration
Generic reverse proxy integration (NGINX, Varnish, etc.)
No database connection needed
Two major issues often come up when running a campaign. First, each visitor hits your server with a unique URL request. Second, you lose your cache if you update content on your site.
Most optimization plugins come up short when it comes to both issues.
At the same time, NitroPack has two powerful features that help you thrive in these high traffic situations:
NitroPack recognizes campaign parameters in the URL and ignores them when looking up a cache file for the campaign request.
Cache invalidation – typically, when you update content on your site, caching plugins have to purge their cache and start rebuilding it. When a purge occurs during a high traffic period your visitors will no longer be served from cache. And your server will have to work extra hard to generate new cache files. As a result, the user experience on your website takes a hit. NitroPack solves this problem by invalidating the cache, instead of purging it. This method allows NitroPack to refresh the cache files in the background. At the same time, you still serve your clients from the slightly outdated cache files. As we already said, this happens automatically. You don’t need to worry about caching during an important campaign.
Whether you’re running a big campaign or your site suddenly becomes trending, both features are crucial for keeping your visitors happy.
So, if you want a fast website right now, go over to the Installation section and download NitroPack.
WordPress is designed to have only a single active page cache solution at a time, otherwise conflicts can arise. We do not recommend using NitroPack together with another caching plugin, like:
WP Rocket
Swift Performance
WP Fastest Cache
WP Fastest Cache Premium
Powerpack (WPTouchPro)
W3 Total Cache
WP Super Cache
Litespeed Cache
Swift Performance
PageSpeed Ninja
Comet Cache by WP Sharks
SG Optimizer
WP-Optimize – only the page caching must be disabled, not the entire plugin
Smush – only the lazy load option must be disabled, not the entire plugin
JetPack – only the lazy load option must be disabled, not the entire plugin
ShortPixel – only the WebP conversion option must be disabled, not the entire plugin
The NitroPack plugin acts as a service. It calls/sends data to our API servers, which perform all of the optimizations.
As a result, our infrastructure does all the heavy lifting. That’s how NitroPack ensures low CPU overhead for your servers.
To learn more about what NitroPack provides as a service as well as what data it collects and uses, please visit:
Our website –
Terms of Use –
Privacy Policy –
NitroPack also uses Amazon CloudFront and Bunny CDN to accelerate content delivery across the globe.
For more information about these services, please visit:
The official CloudFront page –
The AWS Service Terms page –
BunnyCDN’s website –
BunnyCDN’s Terms of Service –
Bunny CDN’s Privacy & Data Policy –

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