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How could using fonts via Google’s service possibly run afoul of GDPR? The fact of the matter is that, when a font is requested by the user’s browser, their IP is logged by Google and used for analytics.
— Lifehacker
Leverage Browser Cache, reduce DNS lookups/requests, reduce Cumulative Layout Shift and make your Google Fonts 100% GDPR compliant with OMGF!
OMGF is written with performance and user-friendliness in mind. It uses the Google Fonts Helper API to automatically cache the fonts your theme and plugins use to minimize DNS requests and speed up your WordPress website.
After installing the plugin, OMGF will automatically start looking for Google Fonts whenever a page is requested on your website.
All Google Fonts are listed in the Manage Optimized Fonts section of OMGF’s settings screen. There, you can choose to:
Preload fonts to reduce Cumulative Layout Shift above the fold,
Unload fonts that’re not used by you, your theme and/or plugins,
Set a Fallback Font Stack (OMGF Pro required), to further reduce Cumulative Layout Shift, or
Replace (OMGF Pro required) font-families with system fonts to speed up loading times!
Remove Resource Hints (preload, preconnect, dns-prefetch) pointing to or,
Ensure text remains visible during webfont load by forcing the font-display attribute to your Google Fonts,
Ensure text remains visible during webfont load by forcing the font-display attribute to all your other fonts! (OMGF Pro required),
Reduce the file size of your fonts and stylesheets, by using the Force subset and Include File Types feature (OMGF Pro required),
Multisite support,
“Dig deeper” to find Google Fonts and optimize further. OMGF Pro supports:
@font-face and @import statements inside inline

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