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New PDF Viewer and PDF Flipbook Plugin – DearPDF available now! If your documents are PDF based, we recommend using DearPDF.
When impression matters, don’t settle with Flat PDFs! DearFlip is easy to use 3D flipbook WordPress plugin for every website and PDF. It’s the simplest way to create flipbook in WordPress – 3D flipbook, 2D flipbook, image flipbook, pdf flipbook, portfolio flipbook. All you need to add is the PDF link and your PDF will come alive as realistic 3D Flipbook. BRING LIFE TO YOUR PDFs!
DearFlip is a stunning 3D flipbook alternative for your flat lifeless PDFs. DearFlip’s easy post structure makes it easy to create flipbook inside WordPress. Create 3D flipbook, make your PDFs interactive and generate more customer attention.
Important Notice: DearFlip (also known as dFlip) is now sold on dearflip.com instead of CodeCanyon.net
WordPress Flipbook Live Demo
Online Documentation
WordPress Flipbook Pro Version
3D Flipbook – Best look your PDFs and images can get. DearFlip converts your flat images and PDFs to interactive and real life books with the help of cutting edge WegGL technology. All high-tech complex work happens behind the scenes, while your customers enjoy your PDF content with delight. 3D Flipbook is our pride and soon will be yours.
2D Flipbook – Old is gold! 2D flipbook use CSS and HTMl5 tags to create flippable and interactive flipbook. The famous variant before 3D flipbook is still a worthy alternative. Use 2D flipbook for faster loading and in cases where 3D is not preferred, like low-end devices.
PDF Flipbook – What make the easy-to-use PDFs better? It’s a 3D PDF Flipbook! PDF flipbook are very easy to create and use. They are rendered using PDF.js library and are very convenient to use and manage. Update a PDF flipbook or creating it is just about the link to teh PDF file, no further hassle. It’s our official recommended file format for 3D flipbook.
Image Flipbook – Got images that you want to display? Why not create a story book out of your images and share your experience ALBUMS. Image Flipbook are your virtual Albums, flip, share and enjoy your photos, portfolios with the world.
Presentation Matters! The main idea of an online flipbook is customer engagement. Traditional document layout don’t cut it! Scrolling a PDF to read the content in not the best method when the content is more about presentation. If you are selling an idea, product, work, portfolio – it’s best suited when you present it rather than list it. There is a reason why websites are not text based, they are colorful, interactive – CUSTOMER ENGAGEMENT.
WordPress is famous for its easy to learn and use structure. DearFlip follows WordPress post structure for creating and managing 3D flipbook. It’s easy and simple just like creating a post.
Install DearFlip – 3D flipbook plugin
Create a FlipBook Post
Provide a link to your PDF and save the post
Copy the shortcode and paste to your page
Publish and 3D Flipbook is ready to flip on your page!
Realistic 3D flipbook powered by modern WebGL technology
Reliable 2D flipbook that works on low-end devices too, and are used as fallback
Easy WordPress Post structure to create flipbook and shortcode to display flipbook
PDF and Image Support
Embedded inline flipbook: is the default structure to display flipbook
Basic Popup: Display flipbook on demand, best for multiple flipbook in a single page
Table of contents for PDF
Custom table of contents creator
Page thumbnails preview
Deep linking to pages of a flipbook via share button
Categories to organize flipbook
Multiple flipbook shortcode to display multiple books
RTL mode to Arabian and RTL mode languages
PDF download enable and disable
Supports any number of pages, more than 1000 pages and 500MB.
Partial loading (on-demand pages) make using 500MB files load and start with just 5MB of data
PDF links – you can test your PDF links without premium version using our online PDF Flipbook Viewer
More Popup – Open flipbook using buttons, links and custom HTML or images too. Examples
Global Settings – Control settings for all flipbook at once
Controls Customization
Paper Stiffness
Text Translation
Google Analytics
Stage Padding
Zoom on mouse scroll options
Zoom Ratio
Share Prefix to custom slug, default slug is dearflip-
PDF links target setting
PDF media attachment page flipbook
PDF partial loading size
Responsive book thumbs
Customization tips and help
Read more in detail
DearFlip is available in various platforms. It’s serving more than 25,000 users on various niches:
– 10,000+ users on WordPress plugin repository 4.5/5 based on 16 ratings
– 4,500+ premium customers on CodeCanyon – Best Rated Premium WordPress Flipbook: 4.9/5 based on 107 ratings
– 12,000+ users on Chrome App. 4.8/5 based on 45 ratings
Great plugin – client is very happy with the look. Also, fantastic response time from the developers, and they are very helpful with fixing our specific display issues. alsalin
This is the best flipbook plugin I’ve ever used, and the customer support is even better! It’s very easy to use and is very well-made.kerminaawad
Its amazing – I have tried the others, this for me is the best
Simple to set up, add books and use
Support is top-class and 5***** spicop
This App is really making my reading more interesting. It’s been really boring all these years to read PDF files in a regular PDF reader, but now thanks to you guys, I have a good reader John Tomsa
FREE PDF Flipbook Reader for your Browser! Get DearFlip on your Google Chrome. You can further view your local and online PDF to full extent without installing a plugin to any site. Just open the PDF with Chrome and you have your 3D Flipbook ready. Free Chrome Extensionhttps://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/3d-flipbook-dflip-lite/

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deipPDF Flipbook, 3D Flipbook WordPress – DearFlip Pro – Premium free có key full crack Dịch vụ SEO TVD SEO

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