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Permalink Manager is a highly rated WordPress permalink editor that allows users to customize post, page, and custom post type URLs (taxonomies are supported in Pro version).
If you want your website to be optimized for search engines, you must give careful consideration to the structure of your URLs. When you use Permalink Manager, it is a piece of cake as you have complete control over your WordPress permalinks!
The plugin works with all custom post types and taxonomies, as well as many popular third-party plugins like as WooCommerce, Yoast SEO, WPML, and Polylang. To improve user experience and eliminate 404 or duplicated content errors, the original permalinks will automatically redirect your visitors to the new customized URL. What is more, using the plugin options you can modify the redirect and trailing slashes functions, which further improves SEO performance.
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Edit the individual permalinks as you choose
Every post, page, and public custom post type on your site may have its permalink customized to your liking. Categories, tags & custom taxonomies terms permalinks can be edited in Permalink Manager Pro.
Edit URLs in bulk using permalink formats
In order to speed up the process of bulk URL modification, the plugin allows you to choose the default format for custom URLs using “Permastructures” settings. The new format will be applied automatically when a new post/term is added or once the old permalinks are regenerated.
Custom post types support
You may easily remove post type rewrite (base) slugs from your WordPress permalinks, for example. The plugin may be configured to filter just specified post types and taxonomies permalinks, excluding the rest of your content types.
Translate permalinks
If you have the WPML or Polylang plugins installed on your website, Permalink Manager allows you to translate the slug and specify different permalink format/structure for each language.
Remove parent slugs
Looking for a simple solution to shorten lengthy, hierarchical URL addresses? The plugin may be used to remove parent slugs from WordPress permalinks.
Add category slug to post permalinks
Do you want to add category slugs in your post permalinks? Permalink Manager is the most convenient way to create a silo structure for your URL addresses.
Auto-redirect old URLs
An old (original) URL is automatically forwarded to an updated URL to avoid the 404 error and to improve the user experience.
The free version covers all of the necessary functions, while the premium version adds a few handy functionalities that can improve the process of adjusting WordPress permalinks.
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Taxonomies support
Taxonomies are fully supported in the premium version (categories, tags & custom taxonomies). You may adjust individual term permalinks or change them all at once using “Permastructures”.
WooCommerce support
Permalink Manager Pro may be used to change the URL addresses of WooCommerce products, tags, categories, and attributes. For example, you may use the plugin to remove the /product-category and /product from WooCommerce permalinks.
Custom fields support
Only Permalink Manager makes it possible to add custom fields to WordPress permalinks without the need for any technical skills on the part of the user.
Extra redirects
You can define extra 301 redirects (aliases) for any post, page, or term. Additionally, you may assign a redirect URL to each post/term, which will take users to any external URL address. For each element, the redirect URLs might be specified separately.
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