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Manage all your custom content needs in one location with the Pods Framework.
Create content types including Custom Post Types, Custom Taxonomies, and our special Advanced Content Types (ACTs get their own custom tables)
Extend and customize content types including Posts, Pages, Categories, Tags, Users, and Media with one easy click
Create custom settings pages easily within seconds
Add custom fields to any content type
Group your fields however you’d like into their own sections and add additional headings to help organize
Show your fields anywhere using our blocks, shortcodes, widgets, or the non-coder Pods Template approach along with our automatic theme integration
Create connections between any of your content with relationship fields to keep your content organized
Let Pods help you grow your development and site building skills so that you can manage content beyond the standard WordPress Posts & Pages.
Check out our Documentation, Support Forums, and our Live Community Slack Chat for assistance building your dream project with Pods.
Create any type of content that you want — small or large — we’ve got you covered. Every content type created with Pods gets all the love it needs to grow up big and strong. You’ll get an easy-to-use interface that lets you manage field groups, custom fields, and how your content type will look or function.
With Pods, you can create entirely new content types and settings pages.
If you choose to use Pods for your custom fields, you’ll get every field type you need, free of charge. Pods works great alongside other custom field plugins like Advanced Custom Fields too.
We have an extensive collection of over 25 different input types to choose from on 20+ different field types for any content structure. Each field type comes with their own additional options to help you customize content entry and display.
You can also control visibility by role/capability and other advanced options.
Text: Plain Text, Website, Phone, Email, Password
Paragraph: Plain Paragraph Text, WYSIWYG (Visual Editor), Code (Syntax Highlighting)
Date / Time: Date and Time, Date, Time
Number: Plain Number, Currency (30+ international currencies)
Relationships / Media: File / Image / Video (Media library and basic upload options available), Avatar (for extended Users), oEmbed, Relationship (Dropdown, Multi Select, Autocomplete, Checkboxes, Radio Buttons, and List View available)
Checkbox (Yes / No)
Color Picker
The power is in your hands with our comprehensive support to relate your content to anything.
Custom defined lists of text options
Relate to any Post Type or Taxonomy posts / terms
Relate to any User profile
Relate to User Roles or Capabilities
Relate to any Comment
And many other relationships are also available including:
Image Sizes
Navigation Menus
Relate to content within any Database Table
Countries (predefined)
US States (predefined)
Canadian Provinces (predefined)
Calendar – Days of Week (predefined)
Calendar – Months of Year (predefined)
And many more!
You can enable some of our included components to extend your WordPress site even further:
Types-only Mode – On our Pods Settings page, you can choose to disable creating custom fields for a performance boost if you only want to use Pods for content types or you plan on using it alongside of other custom field plugins
Pods Templates – Use our template engine to create templates that can be handed off to clients for care-free management
Markdown Syntax – Parses Markdown Syntax for Paragraph Text / WYSIWYG fields
Advanced Relationships – Add even more relationship objects including Database Tables, Multisite Networks, Multisite Sites, Themes, Page Templates (in the theme), Sidebars, Post Type Objects, and Taxonomy Objects
Table Storage – Enable table-based database storage for custom fields on Post Types, Media, Users, and Comments
Roles and Capabilities – Create or edit Roles for your site and customize what they have access to
Advanced Content Types – Create entirely custom content types that have their own database table, and they will exist outside the normal WordPress context avoiding meta database tables
Pods Pages – Create custom pages that function off of your site’s URL path with wildcard support and choose the Page Template in the theme to use — most useful paired with Advanced Content Types
We also do our best to integrate and play nicely with other projects:
Plugins we’ve integrated with
Beaver Builder and Beaver Themer using the free Pods Beaver Themer Add-On
Codepress Admin Columns using the Pods Add-On for Admin Columns Pro
Gravity Forms using the free Pods Gravity Forms Add-on
Paid Memberships Pro using the free Paid Memberships Pro – Pods Add On
Themes we’ve integrated with
Genesis (StudioPress)
Many thanks go out to the fine folks who have helped us translate the Pods plugin into many other languages.
Join us in further translating the Pods interface on the official Translating WordPress dashboard
We are also available through our Live Community Slack Chat to help our translators get started and to support them on the process.
Are you looking to translate your Pods and Fields themselves? You’ll want to enable the “Translate Pods” component from Pods Admin > Components.
Pods really wouldn’t be where it is without all the contributions from our donors and code/support contributors.https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/pods/

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