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With Polylang fully integrated to WordPress and using only its built-in core features (taxonomies), keep steady performances on your site and create a multilingual site featuring from just one extra language to 10 or more depending on your needs. There is no limit in the number of languages added and WordPress’ language packs are automatically downloaded when ready.
Depending on the type of site you have built or are planning to build, a combination of plugins from the list below might be of interest:
Polylang and Polylang Pro share the same core providing features such as:
* Translating posts, pages, media, categories, post tags, custom post types and taxonomies, RSS feeds; RTL scripts are supported.
* The language is either set by the language code in URL, or you can use a different sub-domain or domain per language.
* Automatic copy of categories, post tags and other metas when creating a new post or page translation.
* Translating menus and widgets.
* Customizable language switcher available as a widget or a navigation menu item.
Helps optimizing the time spent translating your site with some very useful extra features such as:
* Better integration in the new Block Editor.
* Language switcher available as a block.
* Widget block editor and full Site Editing (FSE) compatibility.
* Duplicate and/or synchronize content across post translations.
* Improved compatibilities with other plugins such as ACF Pro.
* Share the same URL slug for posts or terms across languages.
* Translate the slugs in the URL for category and author bases, custom post types and more…
* Access to a Premium Support for personalized assistance
Add-on for the compatibility with WooCommerce will provide features such as:
* Translating WooCommerce pages (shop, check-out, cart, my account), product categories and global attribute terms directly in the WooCommerce interface.
* Translating WooCommerce e-mails and sending them to customers in their language.
* Products metadata synchronization.
* Compatibility with the native WooCommerce CSV import & export tool.
* Compatibility with popular plugins such as WooCommerce Subscriptions, Product Bundles, WooCommerce Bookings, Shipment tracking and more.
* Ability to use the WooCommerce REST API (available with Polylang Pro).
* Access to a Premium Support for personalized assistance
Neither of them will allow you to do automated translation. Nevertheless, you can install, alongside Polylang Pro or Polylang, a third party plugin such as Lingotek Translation which offers a complete translation management system and provides services such as a translation memory or semi-automated translation processes (e.g., machine translation => human translation => legal review).
If you wish to migrate from WPML, you can use the plugin WPML to Polylang.
Thanks a lot to all translators who help translating Polylang.
Thanks a lot to Alex Lopez for the design of the logo.
Most of the flags included with Polylang are coming from famfamfam and are public domain.
Wherever third party code has been used, credit has been given in the code’s comments.https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/polylang/

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