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After the plugin is activated, the Visual Builder displays a new tab called “Popup” in the Section Settings modal. In the “Popup” tab, you can turn a regular Section into a Popup!
It’s super simple, as you can see on the plugins Demo Page: divimode.com/divi-popup/demo
How it works
First, activate the plugin (no configuration needed!)
Open up your Visual Builder and edit a Section – you’ll see a new “Popup” tab in the Section Settings.
Toggle the option “This is a Popup” and set the “Popup ID” to something (e.g., “newsletter-optin“). Close the Section Settings.
Add a Button Module somewhere else on the page and set the “Link URL” to your Popup ID, with a leading “#” hash (e.g. “#newsletter-optin“)
That’s all. Save the page and exit the Visual Builder! Click on the button, and you’ll see your Popup. Congratulations!
Additional details
Check out the Plugin website for more details. You’ll find:
CSS class options
JS API documentation
WP filter documentation
Tested in all major browsers on Windows and Mac: Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE 11, Edge!
Popups for Divi Course
During the past years, we’ve added a ton of features and have created a stable and powerful marketing plugin.
To celebrate the anniversary, we have created a six-day course that teaches you everything about the plugin. It walks you through the basics of creating your first Popup, shows possible ways to customize your Popup layouts and goes into advanced techniques and usages of the plugin.
“The instruction emails really helped me to understand how to use the plugin correctly!”
The course is available in your wp-admin Dashboard right after you install and activate the plugin. Check out the screenshots to see the form. Also, have a look in the FAQ section, if you want to disable this feature.
Want more?
If you want to get the most out of Divi, you need to have a look at Divi Areas Pro to get additional features:
An admin UI to create and configure your popups
Choose between 4 Area Types: Popup, Inline, Fly-in, Hover
A beautiful UI that blends in perfectly with Divi
Add advanced triggers to your Areas:
On click
On hover
On scroll
After delay
On Exit
Customize the Area Display
Show on certain pages
Show on certain devices
Show for certain user roles or guests
Customize Area Behavior
Show/Hide the Close button
Display the Area once per hour, day, week, …
Flexible position for Inline Areas
Replace/extend the page header
or Footer
or Comment section
or actually any Divi section inside the page content
It comes with an extended version of the JS API
Great documentation built into the plugin and an online knowledge base
and much more…
Learn more about Divi Areas Pro (with screenshots!)https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/popups-for-divi/

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