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Search Regex adds a powerful set of search and replace functions to WordPress posts, pages, custom post types, and other data sources. These go beyond the standard searching capabilities, and allow you to search and replace almost any data stored on your site. In addition to simple searches you have the full power of PHP’s regular expressions at your disposal.
You can use this to do things like:
– Help migrate a site from one domain to another
– Update URLs in links and images
– Perform site-wide changes
Search Regex handles small and large sites.
You can search:
– Posts
– Pages
– Any custom post type
– Comments (including spam)
– Users
– Meta data
– WordPress options
– Supported plugins (such as Redirection)
Full regular expression support is provided, and you can capture data and use it in the replacement.
Once a match has been made you can replace it with a popup replacer. You can also replace all matches in a database row, and you can replace all matches across your database.
Additionally, if you need to make your change with context of the surrounding content you can use the inline editor to edit the full context.
Note that it is your responsibility to ensure that replacements in serialized data is valid.
Please submit bugs, patches, and feature requests to:
Please submit translations to:
Full documentation can be found on the Search Regex site.

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