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Unfortunately, CodeLights no longer supports SiteOrigin Page Builder natively due to the SiteOrigin’s complete change of widgets API. Workaround: you still can create a CodeLights shortcode in a plain text editor, and add this shortcode to the SiteOrigin editor.
Developers Wanted: If you can help to improve and develop this 100K+ active installs plugin, and become one of authors, please fork Convertful, and create pull requests with your improvements.
Modal Popup is a dialog box/popup window that is displayed on top of the current page. It is a very useful tool when you want to add some special content and to keep the original content clean at the same time.
Special Features:
5 popup sizes to choose from.
7 awesome CSS3-based show/hide animations.
4 popup show triggers: button click, text click, image click and page load.
Modal Popup Showcase and Examples
A great tool to draw visitors’ attention to a data that can be expressed in numbers, like: your sales, number of completed projects or your customer satisfaction index. You set initial and final values and when your visitor will reach a counter, it will animate in a most natural way: gradually changing the number.
Special Features:
6 international number formattings including Chinese and Indian ones.
Accounting formatting available, where negative numbers are framed with parentheses.
Specify amount of numbers after the decimal point or use integers with no decimal part at all.
Several numbers within a single counter, so you can animate “0 / 0” into “24 / 7”, lets say, to emphasize your service working hours.
Animate anything into anyting: even letter-based string will be turned into the other one in a most natural way.
Simple to use: just type in the initial and final strings and our smart scripts will do the rest.
Stats Counter Showcase and Examples
Two-sided card that flips to reveal additional information, when you hover over it.
Special Features:
4 animation types: Card Flip, Cube Tilt, Cube Flip and Cover Open.
8 animation directions for each of the animations.
100% CSS3-based animations to improve performance.
Most flexible FlipBox ever: 34 different options, yet easy-to-use.
FlipBox Showcase and Examples
Trending element in 2015: when you need to emphasize that you are great at several services, you can smoothly change the service-name part of the slogan, leaving the rest unchanged. And that’s just one tiny example of how this element can be used: the richness of language and it’s usages are limitless!
Special Features:
The only of it’s kind in free WordPress plugins.
Choose one of 5 beautiful animation types.
Change different parts of sentence at different steps.
Incredibly easy-to-use: just type in all the sentence states, and our smart scripts will do the rest.
Interactive Text Showcase and Examples
Element powered by great CSS animations, can be used to attend visitors to the needed page or even to showcase some products listing. Some of the animations reveal additional data, which can be used to highlight important details or call to action.
Special Features:
10 awesome animations.
Adjustable responsive behavior.
Incredibly customizable: 18 options, yet easy-to-use.
Interactive Banner Showcase and Examples
A great tool to share your current Clients’ experience with your new visitors, and to emphasize your credibility one more time.
Special Features:
3 testimonial types: Quote, Scanned document and Video.
5 quote layouts.
You can specify the author source for even better credibility.
Testimonial Showcase and Examples
… and more elements are coming!
Both in visual and text modes you’ll see an additional button that helps you to create and edit shortcodes using convenient tabbed forms. Create and modify the elements you want in seconds!
Check the screenshots or download the plugin for more details.
Use the convenient rich controls when creating and editing sidebars widgets both from admin page and customizer mode. The last option helps you to preview changes instantly.
Check the screenshots or download the plugin for more details.
… and more supported editors are coming!

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