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Instagram Feed Gallery is the most user-friendly Instagram plugin for WordPress . It was built to simplify the integration, to reduce time to have sites updated and to be on track with social media that shows best growing indicators.
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We are glad to present a plugin that helps to integrate Instagram feed from @ids or #tags inside your WordPress site. Giving the possibility to customize the layout of the display , choosing from gallery or carousel for free version. Adding masonry or highlight alternatives for premium version.
While allowing to set the appearance of display’s boxes, images & backgrounds, masks and buttons.
Simplicity: Easy to sync up and configure how to display images from your Instagram account.
Keep on track: site update is automated. Caching Images and testimonial data from Instagram.
API use optimized: include features to cache data, to minimize the requests and reduce loading time.
Pop-up box: customizable lightbox to allow users to see your content at your own site.
Customization options: alternatives to change appearance, positioning and layout of your Instagram feed.
This plugin was formerly known as “Instagram Feed Gallery”. WordPress forced us on August 8, 2019 to change the name of the plugin due to use of the “Instagram” as part of the name. We apologize for the problems that could be caused to you, due the downtime.
Instagram Feed plugin offers you a one-click setup. Discarding the requirement to create any app to do this link, like other plugins do.
All you need is to do is add your credentials, and then select an Instagram @id or #tags pictures, by clicking on the “Add New Account” button and your Instagram access token will be automatically generated and saved.
Instagram Feed Gallery is a freemium plugin which allows you to include an unlimited number of user accounts and then create a separate feed for each one.
It also includes two extra layouts and offers a lot of customization options like a ‘Load More’ button, a box mode for the feed with colors and borders, the option to display the user profile avatar image, username and custom description and many more.
Multiple Instagram User Accounts
Masonry Instagram Gallery layout
Highlight Instagram Gallery layout
Boxed mode for your Instagram Gallery
Display user profile in your Instagram Gallery
Display Instagram Pictures in a card
Display user info inside Instagram Pictures popup
Display image caption inside Instagram Pictures popup
Display image likes inside Instagram Pictures popup
Change Instagram Pictures popup description position
Load more button
Further information of configuration possibilities at Documentation

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