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This plugin allows you to quickly swap between user accounts in WordPress at the click of a button. You’ll be instantly logged out and logged in as your desired user. This is handy for test environments where you regularly log out and in between different accounts, or for administrators who need to switch between multiple accounts.
Switch user: Instantly switch to any user account from the Users screen.
Switch back: Instantly switch back to your originating account.
Switch off: Log out of your account but retain the ability to instantly switch back in again.
Switching between users is secure (see the Bảo mật section below).
Compatible with WordPress, WordPress Multisite, WooCommerce, BuddyPress, bbPress, and most two-factor authentication plugins.
Only users with the ability to edit other users can switch user accounts. By default this is only Administrators on single site installations, and Super Admins on Multisite installations.
Passwords are not (and cannot be) revealed.
Uses the cookie authentication system in WordPress when remembering the account(s) you’ve switched from and when switching back.
Implements the nonce security system in WordPress, meaning only those who intend to switch users can switch.
Full support for user session validation where appropriate.
Full support for administration over SSL (if applicable).
Visit the Users menu in WordPress and you’ll see a Switch To link in the list of action links for each user.
Click this and you will immediately switch into that user account.
You can switch back to your originating account via the Switch back link on each dashboard screen or in your profile menu in the WordPress toolbar.
See the FAQ for information about the Switch Off feature.
I maintain several other plugins for developers. Check them out:
Query Monitor is the developer tools panel for WordPress
WP Crontrol lets you view and control what’s happening in the WP-Cron system
User Switching makes use of browser cookies in order to allow users to switch to another account. Its cookies operate using the same mechanism as the authentication cookies in WordPress core, therefore their values contain the user’s user_login field in plain text which should be treated as potentially personally identifiable information. The names of the cookies are:
User Switching does not send data to any third party, nor does it include any third party resources, nor will it ever do so.
See also the FAQ for some questions relating to privacy and safety when switching between users.
User Switching is considered Ethical Open Source because it meets all of the criteria of The Ethical Source Definition (ESD):
It benefits the commons.
It is created in the open.
Its community is welcoming and just.
It puts accessibility first.
It prioritizes user safety.
It protects user privacy.
It encourages fair compensation.

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