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Quickly and easily rollback any theme or plugin from WordPress.org to any previous (or newer) version without any of the manual fuss. Works just like the plugin updater, except you’re rolling back (or forward) to a specific version. No need for manually downloading and FTPing the files or learning Subversion. This plugin takes care of the trouble for you.
While it’s considered best practice to always keep your WordPress plugins and themes updated, we understand there are times you may need to quickly revert to a previous version. This plugin makes that process as easy as a few mouse clicks. Simply select the version of the plugin or theme that you’d like to rollback to, confirm, and in a few moments you’ll be using the version requested. No more fumbling to find the version, downloading, unzipping, FTPing, learning Subversion or hair pulling.
Important Disclaimer: This plugin is not intended to be used without first taking the proper precautions to ensure zero data loss or site downtime. Always be sure you have first tested the rollback on a staging or development site prior to using WP Rollback on a live site.
We provide no (zero) assurances, guarantees, or warranties that the plugin, theme, or WordPress version you are downgrading to will work as you expect. Use this plugin at your own risk.
Do you speak another language? Want to contribute in a meaninful way to WP Rollback? There’s no better way than to help us translate the plugin. This plugin is translation ready. Simply use the wp-rollback.pot file and your favorite translation tool. Once finished, please reach out to us on the WordPress.org forums or better yet, submit a pull request on the Github Repo.
We answer all support requests on the WordPress.org support forum.
WP Rollback was created to be as intuitive to the natural WordPress experience as possible. There are is no dedicated setting page or option panels. We believe that once you activate WP Rollback, you’ll quickly discover exactly how it works without question.
We do have documentation on the plugin Github Wiki.https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-rollback/

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link: https://vi.wordpress.org/plugins/wp-rollback/

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